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Luo Shan Feng Scenic Area.- Wind Peninsula

 Silin Forest Recreation Area (provided by Pingtung County Government)
Xuhai Mudan Bay (provided by Pingtung County Government)

The Luoshanfeng Scenic Area covers the towns of Checheng, Mudan, and Manzhou, with a total area of about 11,300 hectares. The boundaries of the area are defined by ridge lines, township boundaries, river boundaries, forest boundaries, cadastral boundaries, roads, and national park boundaries. The area is connected to Kenting National Park through transportation routes, including Provincial Highway No. 26, County Road No. 199, County Road No. 199A, and County Road No. 200. The area does not include land managed by the Taitung Forest District of the Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency, the Armaments Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense, and the Experimental Base of NCSIST. The area includes 9 villages in Checheng Township, including Haikou, Tianzhong, Fu'an, Fuxing, Xinjie, Puqian, Sheliau, Tongpu, and Wenshui, 6 villages in Mudan Township, including Shimen, Mudan, Dongyuan, Xuhai, Gaoshi, and Silin, and 3 villages in Manzhou Township, including Gangzai, Changle, and Jiupeng.


The Luoshanfeng is the common name for the northeast monsoon in Taiwan's Hengchun Peninsula. In detail, the Luoshanfeng is a type of downslope wind. The central mountain range in the Hengchun Peninsula decreases in height to around 400-1000 meters. From October to April of the following year, the northeast monsoon descends over the mountains and the strong downslope wind directly hits the western coast of the Hengchun Peninsula, affecting areas are included Checheng, Mudan, and Hengchun. The instantaneous strength of the Luoshanfeng can reach to level 6 or 7, which is equivalent to the power of a mild typhoon. It has been records of motorcycles and cars being blown over, resulting in casualties. It has also caused yellow sand to rise from the Jiupeng Desert and the Haikou Desert.

(Information Source: Pingtung County Government - Official Website of the "Luo Shan Feng Scenic Area - Wind Peninsula")

Services & Facilities

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Opening Time: Monday to Friday, 08:30-12:00, 13:30-17:30


Address:No. 527, Ziyou Rd., Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900219

URL:Official Site

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