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Art Walk Map

Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Headquarters planned the "Tracking the Beautiful Scenery of Dapeng Bay" program to promote the beauty of the local area. This involved inviting eight well-known artists to depict different aspects of the bay using a wide range of artistic media. In addition to portraying and preserving the beautiful scenery of the area, sightseeing check-in points were also set up at 12 scenic spots to attract tourists. In this way, visitors can not only appreciate the creations of famous artists, but also experience firsthand the stunning beauty of Dapeng Bay expressed through art. In keeping with the latest trends, social media applications such as IG, Facebook etc. are used to promote different features of Dapeng Bay and the surrounding area, with the aim of boosting the local tourism industry.

Art Walk Map

Destination Info

  • Dapeng Bay Visitor Center

    The most conspicuous landmark in the Dapeng Bay Visitor Center is the tuna sculpture designed by the Japanese internationally-renowned sculptor master, Shigeo Fukuda, in honor of Pingtung's famous black tuna. This sculpture changes depending on the viewing angle. Artist Lin Chun-Liang’s work captures the sculpture and the architectural scenery of the visitor center in the backdrop. At first glance, it seems as if the black tuna is roaming through the Center, ready to guide visitors to explore the mysteries of Dapeng Bay.

  • Sunset Bay

    Artist Lee Cheng-Ming came to Sunset Bay and watched the sky slowly turn from blue to sunset orange as the sun gradually sank into the sea like a huge fireball. As he was enjoying the glorious scenery, he also felt the gentle caress of the cool sea breeze on his face. Such natural beauty is so refreshing and breathtaking.

  • Pengcun Wetland Park

    At the Pengcun Wetland Park, the Creator’s Hand, an installation artwork standing on the water connecting the lake, greenery and blue skies of the wetland, stands out instantly. Combining the human warmth of the Creator’s Hand with the tumbling “mangroves” that look like an auspicious dragon, artist Chuang Lain-Dung depicted a deep and agile vitality. The image flows from figurative to abstract, from reality to imagination, and skillfully brings out the dynamic and virtual beauty of the wetland environment.

  • Yingxia Bridge Pavilion

    Sitting atop the bicycle and pedestrian bridge of the Left Bank Wetland Park is a corridor with a V-shaped wooden louver design. When artist Cheng Tai-Le gazed from afar at the corridor-shaped Yingxia Bridge Pavilion straddling the bridge, it seems as if he had also felt the pleasing breeze caressing his face like a gentle whisper to seduce people into closing their eyes and immersing themselves in the embrace of nature.

  • Linbian Station

    Situated in Linbian Township, the Linbian Station has become new and trendy since it was elevated. After its demolishment, the original station has become an ideal place for residents to relax. Appreciative of the vast sky and the green lawns gracing the place, artist Lee Yi-Hsun designed the grouper-shaped seats in front of the square, basing the design on the blue and white color scheme of the train station. The design embodies the renowned local aquaculture industry so that visitors can experience the local essence of the Linbian Station.

  • Cifong Wetland Park

    Along the trails of Cifong Wetland Park, all kinds of bird ecologies and rare migratory birds can be seen, and filled with the calls of insects and birds, the lush green forest is pleasant and tranquil. Using his expertise in multi-media and mixed materials, artist Lu Ming-Te portrayed the natural ecology, the distinctive Nine-cornered Bridge, and the lookout pavilion in Cifong Wetland Park by interweaving them into a painting that depicts the integration of rational thinking and emotional expression.

  • Dapeng Bay Marina

    The ocean stretches out endlessly in Dapeng Bay. Like a giant gem lying quietly on the blue water, the Bayfun Pier is surrounded by sailboats like guards protecting the gem. Gazing out from the sparkling sea is the distant emerald Dawu Mountain. Expressing the emotions surging in his heart, artist Lee Cheng-Ming painted this scene, etching an eternal testimony and memory.

  • Qingzhou Coastal Recreation Area

    〈Gazing out from Qingzhou〉

    Relaxing on the coast Qingzhou Coastal Recreation Area and gazing at the azure waters while being cleansed by the refreshing breeze from the forest and sea, the beautiful panorama of Xiao Liuqiu stretches unobstructed. The dashes of blue, yellow, and red pavilions add a touch of lively color and carefree spirit. With a swipe of his brush, artist Lin Chang-Hu penned the poignancy of the scenery: “Qingzhou and Liuqiu, with farewells made across a mere distance of mist-covered water. In the swaying shadows of the trees and unsettled winds, the sorrow of homesickness echoes in the setting sun.”

  • Bayfun Land

    〈Embracing the Bay〉

    The expansive Bayfun Land and the rocky forest along the coast echo the distant cross-sea bridge. Anglers and leisurely canoes and banana boats gliding by create a stunning view of gentle arcs of ripples over the sparkling blue water. Artist Lin Chang-Hu captured this comfortable and leisurely beauty with his ink painting and penned a poem in praise of the beauty: “The sparkling Dapeng Bay, the graceful bridge breaking free towards the sky. Anglers and canoers under the endless azure sky, there is no other paradise.”

  • Dapeng Bay Bridge

    Born in Donggang Township, Pingtung County, artist Apex Lin Pang-soong loves the natural ecology and endless beauty of his hometown. Through his personal perspective and homesickness, he particularly selected the calm Bayfun Land as the foreground, and deliberately set the Dapeng Bay Bridge, which spans across the sea to connect Nanping Village and Jialian Village, into the distant background. In this painting, delicate and smooth brushwork were used to portray the majestic landmark of the Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area.

  • Mangroves Wetland Park

    The Mangroves Wetland Park is surrounded by lush and verdant green forests. Meandering through the park, artist Cheng Tai-Le saw the many natural ecologies with a sweeping glance, such as the great egrets and the brown-headed thrushes. The park is full of unexpected vitality, with mudskippers and fiddler crabs frolicking and hunting on the mudflat.

  • Donglong Temple

    In 2007, the winner of the fine arts category of the 11th National Award for Art is artist Lin Pang-Soong, who was born in Donggang Township, Pingtung County. Whenever he returns to his hometown, he visits the Donglong Temple to pay homage and pray for stronger spiritual sustenance. This work uses different perspectives to depict the majestic Donglong Temple. The dripping ink of brushwork and the blending of reality and fantasy have created a mood of solemn, profound, and majestic reverence.

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