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Chou Ta kuan the Hope Center-Community Library and Guesthouse

The Library
The studying area
Active reading zone
Dapeng Bay is a well-known tourist attraction located in the southwest corner of Taiwan. It is known as the largest lagoon on the Taiwan island, and there is an authentic fishing village called Nanping, which means the peace for the south in Chinese, located between the lagoon and Taiwan Strait. You can even observe Liuqiu Island in the coastal area to the west of the village.

The village's original residents rely on farming or catching fish to sustain their lives. However, most local young people gradually move to cities to live after the Establishment of the Dapeng Bay National Scenic area. Here is also the hometown of Chou Ta Kuan, a young warrior and poet who bravely fought cancer.

Chou Ta Kuan Culture and Education welcomes you to visit us. We invite you to read with us, become a friend of the centre, and discover the value of reading and communication. We also encourage you to donate books and materials for those young people living in the rural areas.

We also welcome backpackers to stay here for free by donating secondhand books to the centre. Reading can get us closer. So let's make the world more inclusive by reading and communication.

Facilities:Free Guesthouse for Volunteers ,Accessible space, Parking lock, Hire a Bike, Free Internet, Printers, Toilet

Services & Facilities

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  • Toilets

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