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Hengchun Ancient City Gate

Hengchun Ancient City Gate-Northern Gate
Hengchun Ancient City Gate-Southern Gate
Hengchun Ancient City Gate-Eastern Gate
A day-time view
An unsophisticated street scene
Hengchun Ancient City Gate-Western Gate

Hengchun Ancient City, situated at the center of the township, is one of Taiwan's more well-preserved historical buildings, and consequently has been listed as a national second-grade historic site. The four ancient city gates of east, west, south and north are just enough to make an ideal tour route. Tourists can begin their tour from the West Gate, and drink in the ancient city atmosphere!

Western Gate

In terms of geography, the West Gate is located north of the bustling Chung-Shan Road. Local people pass in and out through this gate daily, making it their most familiar gate. After passing through the West Gate, one comes to an old market place. This very busy street is lined with two-storey brick houses on both sides, and maintains some of the original aspects of life and culture. If you want to taste some local snacks and desserts, don't miss out on visiting the old market place.

Northern Gate

The North gate is located in a rural area. Passing through the gateway, you will be able to observe the San-Tai Mountains, and Tiger Head Mountain. In addition to the red-colored brick door, the floor was built with brick arches, an interesting architectural characteristic. Today, the North and West Gates still facilitate Hengchun city traffic, but they only allow small vehicles to pass through, making a unique city sight. 

Southern Gate

In the old district, alongside the relics of Monkey Cave Mountain, the South Gate stands in the middle of Hen-Nan Road. It looks like a solitary gateway in the midst of a modern traffic roundabout. Monkey Cave Mountain, though merely a coral reef hill, is thought to be the origin of imperial power. In front of the Gate tower is a shelter, giving the appearance a covered sidewalk, for protection from the sun and rain. This is an unusual design.

Eastern Gate

After passing the South Gate, you can see the magnificent East Gate on the connecting road to Manjhou and Jialeshuei, After several renovations, the East Gate not only has a gate tower, but also a look-out and defense functions. Looking out from the tower, you can see the buildings of the old city as well as the landscapes beyond.

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