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Houshi Fringing Reef

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Houshi Fringing Reefs spread along the southeastern shores of Liuqiu Islet, between Dafu Fishery Port and Haizikou. Eroded by ocean water, the reefs contain many small ditches. This makes the islet look like it wears a pleaded skirt.

Indian Rock

Indian Rock:

To see the Indian Rock, take the round-the-island highway from the Black Devil Cave. Trees and grass are many on its top, making it look like an Indian’s head with lots of hair. This is why it has been called the Indian Rock.
Guanyin Rock

Guanyin Rock:

The name derives from the rock’s physical appearance—it looks like a pensive Bodhisattva facing the oceans. It seems to be quietly protecting the people of Little Liuqiu.

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Houshi Fringing Reef, Liouciou Township, Pingtung County
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