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Pengcun Wetland Park


Pengcun Wetland Park is located at the border between Donggang and Linbian Townships in Pingtung County. Formerly a military base, it boasts primitive, tranquil natural scenery.

Artistic waterfront installation: Earth Worker

Inspired by Pingtung’s indigenous Makatao matrilineal culture, the artist set “Mother Earth” as the artwork’s theme. The semi-figural installation seems like a giant standing in the water, instilling life into the world with its own hands. The sprouting plants on the left symbolize the world’s living beings. At one side, the giant seems to look down at the earth. At the other, it seems to look up at the sky. In the middle of its body is a hollowed gate and all lives come out from it. On the giant’s right hand side is a naughty little being - a human. It is the protagonist of the story here.

To create a visual aura that fits well with the surroundings and to tell the story in a more vivid way, the artwork is made with sand and cement, which is in a fine greyish color with a raw texture. Resembling both a relief and a sculpture, the understated artwork blends with the lake, sunshine, and the sky, one with the wetland’s green and the blue colors. While soothing one’s body and soul, the artwork aims to invoke viewers’ memory about the place, and sings a song of the past. Visit Earth Worker at Pengcun Wetland Park, if you wish to heal your soul and immerse in tranquility during a trip!

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Opening Time: 08:30-18:00


Address:Donggang Township, Pingtung County 928, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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