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Dapeng Bay

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With a yacht marina, a gyrocopter club and other leisure facilities, in the future Dapeng Bay will transform into a world class seaside leisure and vacation destination for visitors from neighboring Asian countries.More



Dapeng Bay

Dapeng Bay is the biggest lagoon on the southwest coastline of Taiwan. The water area is about 3,500 meters long from east to west, and around 1,800 meters wide from south to north, making a total area of 532 hectares. The average depth is about two to six meters. There used to be a large-sized oyster bed in the Donggang area. The seafood resources are very abundant. Tourists can take a cruising trip on a yacht to Oyster Shell Island in the bay, and personally experience oyster planting scenes from the past. The oyster plants have now been dismantled due to a decrease in production, and due to their affecting the quality of water. This was also a result of the development of tourism. This area is going to be one of the best places for aquatic activities in southern Taiwan.

Mangrove Watercourse:
Dapeng Bay is home to Taiwan's most southerly mangroves. The mangrove watercourse is on the southernmost boundary of the mangrove area. This species is known as "avicennia marina vierh." Its aerial root phenomenon is very striking, because it grows in the juncture of the water''s mouth. These Avicenna marina vierh trees are over 70 years old. They grow densely, providing animal habitats and a beautiful growing environment. They make an extremely abundant natural ecological landscape.

Enjoy Dapeng Bay


* Wetland: At the bay, you may take the cycling path on bike to enjoy views of fishery villages and mangrove forests. You may also drive along the round-the-bay roads and stop by the wetland parking lot to explore the wetland areas. There are six such areas, each with different functions. Why not learn about the wetland wildlife, too!
* Special events: The bay is equipped with Taiwan's one-and-only racing ground. You may ride a futuristic two-wheeled Segway, or drive as fast as you like with an imported Italian Karting car. You may also take a mini train to explore the old military sites. There are also beach cars for you to run through the sands.



* Lagoon fun: Here, lagoon tours are the most classic activity to take. Hop on a boat, listen to our professional guide tell stories of the lagoon, and immerse in the beautiful lagoon views. Or, go canoeing and join a mini competition. There are also special mangrove adventure tours to take. Sailing and SUP is great for wind-riders. You may even ride through the bay's open bridge to embark the most unique ocean trip in Taiwan. Or just take a dragon or swan boat to explore the lagoon a bit.
* Riding waves: Surfing, SUP, windsurfing, kiteboarding, waterbiking, and banana boating can all be enjoyed at Qingzhou Coastal Leisure Area.


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