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Dapeng Bay

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Dapeng Bay
Dapeng Bay
Dapeng Bay
With a yacht marina, a gyrocopter club and other leisure facilities, in the future Dapeng Bay will transform into a world class seaside leisure and vacation destination for visitors from neighboring Asian countries.Map

Dapeng Bay




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Dapeng Bay

Located on the south-west coast of Taiwan, Dapeng Bay has got Taiwan’s largest bag-shaped lagoon with only one inlet. It features in its distinctive natural lagoon scenery. This national scenic area includes Dapeng Bay Scenic Area and Liuqiu Scenic Area, with the size of 2764 hectares. It is the southernmost habitat of Taiwan mangrove forest. There used to be oyster farming. Numerous oyster racks and oyster shells formed a distinctive islet. There are restaurants, and visitors could take a boat to have a scrumptious meal and admire the delightful scenery. After it officially became national scenic area, the authorities put constant effort to plan up recreational facilities and develop ecological areas. It is a scenic area with diversified elements, blended with Donggang’s fishery and local cultures. There are two recommended ways to look around Dapeng Bay.

Enjoy Dapeng Bay


  • Wetlands Tour:Visitors can ride a bike on the bike lanes along the bay to enjoy the intriguing scenery of the fishing village or check out the eco-system of the mangrove forest. Those who would like to visit with a car ride can drive on the Round-The-Bay Road and leave their cars at the Wetlands Parking Lot to have a tour at the wetlands. It will be a great experience to observe the six wetlands with unique arrangements and different functions to explore the biodiversity there.


  • Amazing Lagoon Tour:The most popular way to visit this place is to take a yacht tour at the lagoon. The yacht guides will tell you fascinating stories and show you the charming lagoon. You can also paddle a canoe or hold a small competition or join the unparalleled mangrove tour. Or you can have a windsurfing, get a SUP surfing lesson or set a sail to see the bridge lifting. All will be an unforgettable sea and shore tour experience in Taiwan.
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