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    Donggang Township

  • Partly cloudy

    Liuqiu Township

Adventurous Dapeng Bay
Happy Little Liuqiu
  • Vase Rock
  • bridge-opening shows
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Local Festivals – Not to Be Missed!


Construction of the Wangye boat Donglong Temple located in Donggang, Taiwan Sending off Wangye The procedure that take place in Wangye Worshipping Ceremony
  • Must-Eats

    temple street food, guangfu rd seafood street

  • Must-Sees

    donglong temple, king ship burning

The Wangye Worshipping Ceremony In Donggang Lasts Eight Days And Seven Nights, Including A Series of Solemn Rituals Such As Inviting The King, Jumping Over The Fire, Touring Around, Feasting The King And Sending Off The King Attended By Pious Worshippers, And Noisy Formations And Parades Accompanied By Deafening Firecrackers. If You Have A Chance To Visit Donggang During The Ceremony You Will Appreciate The Respect That The People Have For The Plague God And The Vitality Of The Local Culture.


Dapeng Bay

Basic Windsurfing Course Little liuqiu Windsurfing Championship & Course Racing Yacht experiences
  • Must-Sees

    International Sailboat Invitation Tournament , Sailing across Xiaoliqiu

  • Must-Visits

    Water Activities

It is hard to find something like Dapeng Bay International Regatta in Taiwan. Not only that all kinds of boats and sailing equipments are used in the event, such as optimist dinghies and windsurfing boards, a sailing competition for large sailboats which can cross the oceans is also planned.



Hengchun Pole Climbing Festival is a folk customs that take place during Ghost Festival every year. The highlight of the activity is when competitors climb four 12 meter high greased poles. Hengchun Ancient City Gate
  • Must-Sees

    Hengchun pole climbing, hengchun old city gates

  • Must-Eats

    pingdong gangkou tea

Pole climbing is a folk customs that take place during ghost festival every year and has a history of several hundred years. The origin can be traced back to when the rich people of hengchun, once one of taiwan’s most prosperous towns, allowed poor people to take their offerings.


Spring Scream

Tourists swimming and sunbathing on beach beach in kenting While performers give their all, the people audience sit or lie on the ground or dance to the music under the blue skies, enjoying the music and the ocean views.
  • Must-Sees

    band performers

  • Must-Visits

    kenting street, eluanbi lighthouse, nanwan water sports activity

Spring scream is known as the main event for taiwan’s underground music scene and the festival continues to adhere to its guiding idea: presenting original music while giving people a fun and relaxing time.


Blue Fin Tuna

The three treasures of Dongang: bluefin tuna, sakura prawn and creative bluefin tuna sculpture Local specialties-Sashimi
  • Must-Sees

    unloading the massive tuna at donggang market

  • Must-Eats

    tuna sashimi, guangfu rd seafood street, sakura prawns fry rice.

The toro cultural festival was launched by pingdong county government in 2001, combining donggang’s bluefin tuna and tourism on the hengchun peninsula and now attracts a large number of visitors every year, lured not just by the tuna but by the other tourism resources of donggang and its excellent seafood. To many people donggang is now synonymous with blue fin tuna and delicious seafood.


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