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Enjoy a two-day accessible tour in Dapeng Bay and Liuqiu

Dapeng Bay Visitor Center
Cifong Wetland
Dapeng Bay Bayside Wharf (Sailboat Club)
Dapeng Bay Bridge


  1. Changes may be made to the boat schedule. Please call before departure to confirm. More boats may be available on weekends, holidays, or in high travel seasons. Find boat transport info at:the boat schedule
  2. To protect green turtles, from 8:00 at night to 5:00 in the next morning, May 1 to October 31 every year, night-time control is in place in Duoziping, Haban Bay and the area’s intertidal zones.
  3. For additional suggestions about a two-day tour, talk to local B&Bs. They mostly also hold scuba diving, star-watching, and thematic ecological tours.
  4. In respect of the area’s nature and to experience local culture, please do not set off explosives (such as firecrackers) and stay quiet at night.
  5. Visitors are encouraged to ride e-scooters or bicycles for an eco-friendly low carbon emission tour. Find vehicle rentals in Liuqiu at:
  6. Payable scenic spots: The combo ticket for Beauty Cave, Wild Boar Ditch and Black Dwarf Cave is NT$120 (full price) / NT$80 (discount price for those who are 65 years of age or older).
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