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Beauty Cave

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Beauty Cave
Beauty Cave Sea-watching Pavilion
A scenic view
Visitor paths
The graceful hiking trails in Beauty Cave

Beauty Cave located in the northeast corner on the island is facing the sea in front of the mountain where has wonderful stone exhibitions.

Before entering the Beauty Cave, one may notice the "circles" on the seas. Those are Little Liuqiu's famous "fishing cages." Eels are kept in there. There are a total of 13 views to watch inside the cave, which are worth appreciation.

The 13 views of the Beauty Cave:
Narrow Sky, Bat Hole, Immortal Spring, Lover's Level ground, Honey Spring Hole, Secret Winding Path, Sky out of the sky, Sea-watching Pavilion, Beauty Hole, Delight Garden, Enchanting Spot, Banyan Tree Rock Valley and Tranquil Pavilion.

Services & Facilities

  • Parking lot

Related Info

Opening Time: Apr-Oct 7:00-18:00, Nov-Mar 7:30-17:00


Address:Beauty Cave, Liouciou Township, Pingtung County

URL:Official Site

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