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Geban Bay (Venice Beach)

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Geban Bay (Venice Beach)

Geban Bay Beach is a beautiful shell-sand beach which spreads between Geban and Wugui Cave. The beautiful beach is about 100 meters long, making it suitbale for bare-footed walks, wave-listening and sunset-watching. Some call it the Venice Beach of Taiwan. Liuqiu Islet's beaches are mostly coral reef beaches. Only a few are sand beaches, such as Geban Bay Beach.

Geban Bay Beach and its intertidal zone are listed by the Pingtung County Government as a conservation area for green sea turtles and fishery resources. Every year, from May 1 to October 31, night-time visitor control is effective. From 20:00 to 5:00 the next day, no visitors are allowed to enter the beach. Violators will be punished.

Here, quite a few people already drowned. Please do not swim.

Services & Facilities

  • Parking lot

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