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Donggang Seafood Street

A street scene of Donggang Seafood Street
Sakura shrimp
Donggang Seafood Street
Donggang Seafood Street
Donggang Seafood Street

Donggang's chefs are famous for the fresh seafood dishes they serve. Their port-side restaurants turn this village into a "fort of gourmet food."

If you ever visit Donggang, you shall not miss the oceanic cuisine it offers. From the one-and-only "that fish" to limited-edition "cherry blossom shrimps," no matter the seafood is steamed, stir-fried or deep-fried, they are all delicious and colorful enough to arouse people's appetite. They surely can satisfy every hungry traveler.

There are several fish markets open daily in Donggang, making the locals picky about what they eat. To be able to run a seafood restaurant for long here, the owner must be able to offer something different. If you come to Donggong for oceanic cuisine, you must go to Guangfu Road which is filled with the aroma of seafood. It is close to fish markets and parking spaces are many. Therefore the street is crowded with seafood restaurants. All the chefs here go out of their way to present the best dishes they can make, on this highly competitive street. And they all enjoy a good reputation, making Guangfu Road the "seafood street of Donggang."

The fresh, reasonably priced fish and seafood that can be enjoyed here make this a paradise for seafood lovers.Fresh seafood is also made into a variety of gifts, sold in shops on and around the street, that are sure to bring a smile to the face of the recipient.

Guangfu Road Seafood Street

Located close to Section 3 of Guangfu Road the street is lined with seafood restaurants on both sides. Its location allows a wide variety of fresh seafood to be easily obtained so the seafood sold here is fresh and inexpensive. It is known as “Donggang Seafood Street.”

Linbian Seafood Street

The seafood of Linbian comes mainly from the aquaculture ponds and pens of Donggang, Dapeng Bay and the nearby coast. Its location allows a wide variety of fresh seafood to be obtained easily. Both sides of Zhongshan Road are lined with good seafood restaurants. The freshness and quality of the ingredients and relatively low prices make this street renowned all over Taiwan. 

The delicious food you must not miss in Donggang is:

  • Qinghong Rice Cake
  • Wei-Yi Food Store
  • Zheng Family Restaurant
  • Zhang Family Restaurant
  • Ocean Treasure Seafood Restaurant
  • National Treasure Seafood Restaurant
  • Ah-Ren’S SeafoodRestaurant
  • Yashidu Seafood Restaurant
  • Boanne Speciality Gallery

Services & Facilities

  • Parking lot
  • Dining
  • National Travel Card

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