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Dapeng Bay Marina


Dapeng Bay Marina is equipped with sailboats, canoes and yachts. A 200-meter long artificial beach by the lagoon allows visitors to enjoy the bay area even more. The fine sands have come from the bay outlet. Blessed with the bay’s geographical conditions, on the beach, winds are many and waves are none—perfect for windsurfing. Sailboat activities that incorporate sports and tourism are held every year from April to June. Other water activities are also promoted so as to increase the Sailboat Club’s presence in Taiwan. Windsurfing trainings, which come with thorough equipments, are provided by professional coaches.

Windsurfing Café:

The Windsurfing Café in the park (Sailboat Base) serves cold drinks, coffee and simple set meals.

  • Windsurfing Café
  • The Windsurfing Café in the park

Bayfun Pier:

Shining like a gem on the sea, this is a new leisure zone featuring a spacious platform and gigantic racks. Open and wide, it boasts beautiful ocean views. An administration office, boat company counters, and vacation service desks can be found here. There are dining boats and commune boats to take. Some boats are for public servants only. What a variety of services!

The place’s roof is made with resilient aluminum plates and colored glass. It looks bright and colorful in the day. At night, the light of this new bayside landmark becomes more delicate.

  • Bayfun Pier
  • Bayfun Pier in the park

Bayside Wharf (Beach):

At the 200-meter artificial beach, not only a wide range of water activities may be enjoyed. If you have a keel boat or a yacht, you can also park it here. In total, 36 spaces are provided for yachts between 45 and 50 feet long. Both private owners and boat companies have come here to cruise their yachts here.

Dapeng Bayside Wharf (Beach)

Lake cruise tour:

Tourist boats and dining ships can be taken here. Visitors can feel free immerse in the lagoon’s beauty, even the ocean’s. On weekends and holidays, the boats will stop by the Dapeng Bay Bridge so that passengers can appreciate the bridge lift show.

Recommended lake cruise tour hours

Take a boat 30 minutes prior to a show if you wish to see the bridge go up.
Lift time of the Dapeng Bay Bridge


Lagoon Tours


Public Art “Ribbon of Hope”

Visitors to Dapeng Bay Marina will not want to miss the hope ribbon figures on the wooden walkway of the wharf. "Ribbon of Hope" is the first public art work jointly created by the HOPE FOUNDATION for CANCER CARE and crossover artist "Mr. Eyeball" in response to 2022 World Cancer Day. The piece offers a different approach to cancer education through the healing power of art and has become one of the beautiful attractions of Dapeng Bay.

"Ribbon of Hope" is Taiwan's first cancer prevention and treatment public art work.

The concept behind "Ribbon of Hope" comes from the ribbon color coding of various cancers around the globe. Combined with Mr. Eyeball's proprietary character "Think Too Much," it is the first public art work for cancer prevention and treatment in Taiwan.

Eleven figures, each 180cm in height and representing different cancers are lined up and particularly eye-catching under the sunlight. On closer inspection, positive words from cancer patients are engraved on the back of each figure; if you are curious about a certain cancer scan the QR code to link to the website for more information. It is hoped that this public art work will help to raise public awareness of cancer prevention and treatment.

With its cute style and deep subject matter, "Ribbon of Hope" has not only become a popular travel check-in spot, it is also an excellent focal point for parents to talk to their children about health issues. If you want to add a healing element to your tour, be sure to include "Ribbon of Hope" on your travel checklist.

  • 絲帶公仔
  • 絲帶公仔照片

Services & Facilities

  • Parking lot
  • Dining

Accessible Facilities

  • Accessible Toilets: 候船中心1
  • Accessible Parking:Car: 5 spaces、Motorcycle: 7 spaces

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