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Dapeng Bay International Leisure Zone


Dapeng Bay International Leisure Zone includes an international racing circuit, a resort hotel, go kart racing circuit, yacht port area shop (Maritime Building), visitor center and a berth for transportation vessels. In the future it will be developed into a comprehensive international resort area.


Giant Tuna Bringing Wealth

The main lantern has a "Giant Tuna Bringing Wealth" motif, a reference to the specialty of the Donggang fishing industry. It represents a departure from the sound, light and visual feast experience of the past and aspires to bring prosperity to Pingtung through a rich bounty every year. There are also four secondary lanterns. The first is "Fengzhuye Good Year," which features the local deity "Fengzhuye" praying for peace and happiness; the second is "Southern Harvest," which references the “Land God” and fruit grown in Pingtung. The “Land God” carries a shoulder pole together with fruit and wealth, symbolizing “Wishes coming true and annual prosperity.” The third is "Lighting Up Safe Pingtung," which "combines nature and culture” to tell local stories based on the idea of local residents as co-creators." The fourth secondary lantern is "Donggang Story," which includes black tuna, sergestid shrimp (the symbol of the Donggang black tuna tourist season), a Kingboat and the Taiwan Lantern Festival logo, an intriguing combination of local cultural and folk characteristics.

Integration for You and Me

This work uses a large number of oyster shells, as an echo of the oyster sheds that were such a common sight in Dapeng Bay in the past, the beautiful steel structure shaping the character of new immigrant like a sea goddess. The oyster shell is an extension of life, weaving together multiple cultures. During the day one can feel the changes in light and shade and at night it is transformed into a beacon lighting the way to the future. New immigrant women come to Taiwan to settle down and the power of inclusiveness makes them an integral part of local life.

  • 海之女神Giant Tuna Bringing Wealth
  • 巨鮪來富Integration for You and Me

Coral Heart

Coral is the umbilical cord that nurtures marine life. The lantern combines architecture, lighting and performance art to increase awareness of marine conservation. It is hoped that the gradually bleaching coral can recover over time, that humankind and nature can co-exist and be co-prosperous through the positive interaction of people and the ocean.

珊瑚之心Coral Heart

Maritime Building(Maritime Building Cafe's)

Walking along the 304.5m long seawall, the first "Maritime Building" in Taiwan is located in the Dapeng Bay area, making it a romantic and exotic location. With such romantic designs as “love lock wall” and “happiness clock,” it has become a popular attraction where visitors like to take pictures and punch their cards.

Business items:

distinctive local food and drink including coffee, light meals, and ice cream.

Opening hours:

11:00-18:50 Instagram

tel:0966 883 827

Tower Grill

The West Tower was the central command post for seaplanes during the Japanese colonial period. It is imbued with a strong military atmosphere and great views. The site offers self-service barbecue and visitors can enjoy the sea breeze and ocean vistas while eating seafood.

Business items:

Japanese Style DIY barbeque skewers, ice products, drinks, cultural and creative products, souvenirs and a small farmers’ holiday market.

Operation Information:

Monday-Friday reservations only
Weekends / Holiday 9:00-21:00

Facebook:Tower Grill
Google Maps: Tower Grill

Dapeng Bay Bike Station

With Donggang as the center, the cycling itinerary extends to towns and villages around Pingtung. Visitors can plan half-day or one-day cycling trips to small towns or multi-day bike customized trips across counties, cities and even the whole island of Taiwan. Exploring the beauty of places is recommended as the perfect way to reduce carbon emissions, get healthy and be environmentally friendly.

Dapeng Bay Bike Station

Service items:

I. Electric assisted bike rental

1.One-person electric assisted bike: for one person only. If there is a child under the age of 7, a child seat can be added to the back seat of the classic lady bike model.
2.Electric assisted tandem bike: for two persons.
3.Two-person electric assisted bike: for two people, with the back seat limited to elementary age school children.

II. Guided Cycling Tour

1. A group minimum is required (based on trip itineraries) and the tour must be reserved in advance.
2. Guided Cycling Tour leader: each leader is in charge of a tour group of 15 people.
3. Itinerary:

A. Dapeng bay ecological tour
B. Donggang Town cultural tour
C. Pingtung cross-township itinerary
D. Itinerary of 16 cycling routes around Taiwan
E. Round island itinerary
III. Sales of Food and Beverages

1.Cold beverages (mineral water, sports drinks...)
2.Snacks (biscuits, instant noodles...)

IV. Operation Information

Business hours: open 09:00 to 18:00 from Wednesday to Sunday (adjusted subject to what time the sun sets); closed Monday and Tuesday, reserved group itineraries should be scheduled in advance
Facebook:Dapeng Bay Bike Station

Karting Racing

Opening hours: 9am to 7pm
Single seat: NT$500/8 minutes, height above 150 cm
Single person racing: NT$800/8 minutes, suitable for hot-blood lovers of speed
Parent-child duo: NT$800/8 minutes, children over 100 cm but under 150 cm must be accompanied by a parent. Married couples and lovers are welcome.
Contact number:0939-531011 Mr. Lin
Google map:Karting Racing

Onsite announcements take priority for onsite operations.

Services & Facilities

  • Parking lot
  • Dining

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