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Playground of the sea Gods--Jialeshui

Playground of the sea gods-Jialeshui
Visitor paths
Coral reel rocks and sand coasts
Strange rocks, each taking a unique shape
A pavilion

Jialeshuei has become a well-known scenic spot. Due to the natural beauty of its white caps and unusual rocks, Manjhou County Township Office decided to establish the "Jialeshuei Scenic Area".

This was to allow the tourists to experience the amazing seacoast scenery. The coast here originally was made up of rock stratum which had accumulated deep in the ocean.

The parallel rock layers are clearly visible, and contain many historical and geological mysteries. Tourists can arrange tours according to the following three kinds of topographies: "deep ocean rock stratum ", "sandstone", and "rock seacoast".

Along the way, tourists can view the famous Shanhai Waterfalls, as well as various unusual rock formations, such as the Chessboard Rocks, Honeycomb Rocks, Frog Rocks and Sea Horse Rocks.

All of these landscapes are natural formations, and the result of continuous accumulations, piling and erosion. When visiting Jialeshuei, it is helpful to have a prior knowledge of the geological background.

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