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If you want get away from the hustle and busy of the city visit Liuqiu where you can stroll along pristine beaches while white clouds float lazily across the azure skies above, enjoying a simple low carbon travel experience.More



Liuqiu is originally named Samagi. It's history can trace back to 1775 AD (Qian-long year 20, Qing Dynasty), when Mr. Lee Yue reached the island from his hometown at today''s Kaohsiung Port (of Fu-jian province, Mainland China then). The first time ancestor Lee stepped on the land was to take shelter from the storms.

After scrupulous adventure, however, he found the place inhabitable for its copious catch of fish and nice weather. Taking advantage of its natural resources, Lee called about 20 Lee families to migrate overseas here and started their living by fishery. As it was separated from the motherland Taiwan, the island to the Lees was like a ball drifting on the sea, which inspired the island’s name Liuqiu (drifting ball). As Liuqiu’s Chinese pronunciation is the same as Liuqiu from Okinawa in Japan, the locals usually refers to the island as Liuqiu.

Liuqiu is the general name of Liuqiu Island. It is only 6.8 square kilometers large, with a 12km coastline. It is the only offshore coral reef island of Taiwan, 14km southwest of Donggang Township and very convenient to get to by ferry. The island has unique geological formations and a diverse natural ecology with stunning coastal views. With no traffic lights on the island, life is slow and relaxing and uninterrupted by the monsoons season. Liuqiu is a pleasure to visit all year round.

The number of green sea turtles has increased in recent years thanks to the no-fishing policy along the coasts. Biodiversity has increased, too.

To make Liuqiu a happy island for animals and plants, since 2012, electrical motorcycle rentals have been available to visitors. To protect intertidal-zone ecology, visitor control has also been in place during certain months of a year. The island's people have been developing low-carbon tourism. Visitors can expect to see the mysterious green sea turtles here and even swim with them happily.

Liuqiu is suitable for a two-day, one-night or a longer trip. It looks beautiful in all seasons of a year. In spring, autumn and winter, the island feels especially leisurely. A wonderful holiday at Liuqiu starts with watching sunrise, followed by various water activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling. At sunset, professional guided tours are held at intertidal zones. At night, on this light pollution-free island, visitors may appreciate views of Kaohsiung and a starry sky, which makes a perfect ending of the day. Doing nothing expect lying on the beach all day long and watching the sea in Liuqiu is a popular choice, too.

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