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If you want get away from the hustle and busy of the city visit Liuqiu where you can stroll along pristine beaches while white clouds float lazily across the azure skies above, enjoying a simple low carbon travel experience.Map




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Liuqiu is a small coral island located at southwestern Taiwan with the size of 6.8 square kilometers and one lap around the island is 12km. This coral island is abundant in beautiful sightseeing resources. The winter winds do not affect and hinder the sightseeing activities here. It is a perfect destination for all seasons. The local people are all very friendly and hospitable, and there are temples for local religions everywhere. You can also stroll around to see the leisurely sceneries of fishing villages with a relaxing pace. It only takes about 30 minutes by boat from Donggang to get to the exhilarating Liuqiu island, which is with fantastic attractions and rich in biodiversity and cultures.

Visitors are encouraged to rent an electronic bike to tour around the island. For ecological sustainability, there is a cap on the number of visitors for entering the well-known intertidal zone. Due to the ban on fishing net, the green sea turtle population at the island has increased lately and the biodiversity is much more abundant. Liuqiu is working hard to become a low-carbon eco-friendly island. When you visit this small island, you may have the chance to see the green sea turtles or even swim with them.

Liuqiu is a great destination for a two-day tour. Every season shines with different beauties on this island. Your first day can begin with its captivating sunrise and then go to try out various water activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving. You also can explore the well-known must-visit intertidal zone when it is at low tide with professional guides. At night, it is easy to find a place without light pollution, and you can just look up at the starry night and see the far-distance Kaohsiung City’s night view to end this LOHAS day. Or, if you prefer not to join any activities, it is also a popular option to only take a deep relax here, just idling your free time away with the sound of waves by the azure sea.

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