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2024 Dapeng Bay Marine Festival, Enjoy Festival Limited Accommodation Deals A Sincere Invitation


The "2024 Dapeng Bay Marine Festival" will be held at Dapeng Bay Marina on April 1. The theme of the year is “PlayOne” meaning playing with the visitor. Friends of all ages can wander in this land and sea paradise, enjoying the fun of Dapeng Bay. Find six major check-in devices and six sets of large inflatable-cushion toys for free. Enjoy the sailing event during the day and the amazing scene when thousands of sail boats depart. At dusk, Marina Bay is illuminated with lights, there are markets and various activities. PlayOne will accompany visitors as they explore Dapeng Bay throughout April.

Collaborating Businesses

Legitimate accommodation providers in the Donggang, Linbian, and Little Liuqiu areas.

Collaboration Details

During the period from March to April of the year 113 (Republic of China calendar, equivalent to 2024 in the Gregorian calendar), guests who complete the booking process for the "Sailboat Project Collaborative Accommodation" will be eligible for a free sailboat ride! Additionally, they will receive a limited edition 2024 Dashun Bay Sailboat Festival wheel cake.


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