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2023 Chinese New Year Holiday Bus Deals

As an incentive to encourage the public (particularly students) to use electronic tickets when using public transport during the long Chinese New Year holiday, the Directorate General of Highways, MOTC is introducing the following public transportation fare deals:
(1) Daily deals or 15% off the original fare on 87 National Expressway bus routes.
(2) Half-price deals on 48 Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service routes when using any electronic ticket.
(3) Enjoy a free ticket or basic mileage taking local buses, if a visitor transfers to a local bus within 10 hours of taking a National Expressway bus, Taiwan Railways Administration train, or High Speed Rail train.
(4) East Taiwan Deal from January 20-29, 2023: 1. This deal is available when a visitor rents a car from a designated car rental company using a Taipei-Yilan or Taipei-Hualien National Expressway bus route ticket stub; enjoy a deal on the return trip with car rental certificate round trip ticket stubs from the aforementioned bus service, return to enjoy the discount. 2. Visitors who purchase an East Taiwan "Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service" super saving package ticket or have a local accommodation certificate, can get Taipei-Yilan or Taipei-Hualien National Expressway bus tickets for 4 people with one person traveling free, and enjoy a NT$200 deduction on the return trip (each visitor can enjoy a car rental or bus ticket deal once per trip).

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