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Anchoring Spot Coordinates in Liuqiu

To protect Liuqiu’s nature and use its marine resources in a sustainable way, Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Administration and local volunteers set up floats together in three spots off Shanfu Fishery Port, Duzaiping Cannons, and Wanghai Pavilion of Beauty Cave, for snorkeling boats, yachts, and sailboats to secure themselves on the sea. This helps to keep coral reefs from being damaged in the anchoring process.

The Coordinates of Anchors and Floats in Liuqiu

  • Off Shanfu Fishery PortN22˚20.566 E120˚21.613
  • Off Duzaiping CannonsN22˚21.082 E120˚21.858
  • Off Wanghai Pavilion, Beauty CaveN22˚21.306 E120˚22.370
  • Off the deserted West Dafu Fishery PortN22˚19.473 E120˚22.234
  • Off Houshi CannonsN22˚19.373 E120.22.161
  • Off Shanzhu Ditch, Haban BayN22˚20.254 E120˚21.541


  1. The float in this area is provided to boats for provisional anchoring purposes. If the boat is unwatched for a long time, the device might be damaged due to strong pulling force.
  2. Please tell the Administration if you find the float is damaged. We will fix it immediately.

When you use the float, please be aware of the following:

  1. The float is for provisional anchoring purposes only. Please do not use it for a long time, especially overnight.
  2. Leave at least one person should stay on the boat when mooring, so that when something happens, it can be dealt with immediately (the weather is always changing on the sea).
  3. Leave extra rope (no dead knots) when tying the boat to the anchor.

Anchors and Floats in Liuqiu

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