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Local specialties

Shuang Gao Run Donggang Shuang Gao Run

Shuang Gao Run

Shuang Gao Run, a kind of layered glutinous rice cake, is also called Shuang Ge Lun. According to legend, this was invented by two brothers as part of the dowry for their beloved younger sister. To make Shuang Gao Run, raw glutinous rice must first be made into rice milk with a pounding equipment and then sifted with a sift. The grinded rice that’s left on the sift would be pounded, steamed and kneaded into Shuang Gao Run.

Rice Cake With Minced Pork Donggang Rice Cake With Minced Pork

Rice Cake With Minced Pork

Rice cake with minced pork is an authentic specialty from Donggang. To make this salty delicacy, Zhailai rice is soaked and grounded into rice milk before being steamed. After steaming, the bowls of milk will turn into cakes, which are then topped with thin sausage slices, fried “three-layer” pork and mud lobsters. Finally, it is covered with broth made from milk fish, pork bones and special seasonings after being cooked for more than ten hours. The broth thickens when added with rice milk.

Taiwanese Meatballs Donggang Taiwanese Meatballs

Taiwanese Meatballs

The Taiwanese meatballs are so tiny that you can finish one within three bites. They are among the best specialties of Donggang. The meatballs have very shiny skins and come in two flavors. The mushroom ones have fine Chinese mushroom and pork stuffing. Each of the shrimp & bamboo shoot meatballs contains a full fresh shrimp and juicy shredded bamboo shoots.

Marlin Fish Oden Rolls Donggang Marlin Fish Oden Rolls

Marlin Fish Oden Rolls

Marlin fish oden rolls are made of fresh marlin fish paste. There is one boiled egg in each of the oden rolls. The rolls are fried at a low temperature first before being deep fried in a much hotter pot, so that they can stay in a nice shape. These golden crispy snacks have a sturdy texture. They are always freshly made and sold.

Fan Tang (Rice With Soup) Donggang Fan Tang (Rice With Soup)

Fan Tang (Rice With Soup)

Fan Tang is a common traditional dish from southern Taiwan. To make Fan Tang, put fresh peeled shrimps, sauté mud lobsters, tuna stew, fish cake slices, pickled bamboo shoots, coriander and celery on top of steamed rice and sprinkle some special broth. Place a few more fish balls into the bowl. The authentic Donggang Fan Tang is ready!

Liuqiu Sausage Liuqiu Liuqiu Sausage

Liuqiu Sausage

Unlike other traditional Taiwanese sausages, the Liuqiu ones are not divided into small sections, and therefore can be one or two meters long. All of the tendons and cartilages are removed and therefore the Liuqiu sausages are easy to chew. The sausages are often used as a sacrifice to gods because their shape indicates longevity.

Fried Dough Twists Liuqiu Fried Dough Twists

Fried Dough Twists

Liuqiu is an island and most of the people made a living on the seas in the past. Fried dough twists were therefore invented by the wives who wanted to prepare something nice to eat for their husbands at work. Today, through word of mouth, the golden crispy snacks coated in sugar have become a popular gift that many visitors bring home to their family and friends.

Fried Rice With Common Dolphinfish
Liuqiu Fried Rice With Common Dolphinfish

Fried Rice With Common Dolphinfish

Common dolphinfish, which in Chinese are called either the “knife-shaped fish with a devil’s head” or the “running tigers,” migrate to the seas of eastern Taiwan every spring and summer. They are called the running tigers because they catch other migratory fish like Atlantic mackerel and flying fish fiercely. Common dolphinfish have a smooth and fine texture. They taste great no matter pan fried, boiled or deep fried.

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