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  • A wooded hiking trail
  • Longkeng
  • Wild, primitive geo-scapes
  • Collapsed limestone cliffs

The western area is comprised of the Hengchun Terrace and the coral reef cliffs facing the ocean, while underneath are the skirt-like coral reefs. The topographic features include low hills in the north, and coral reef terraces and skirt-like reef coasts in the south. By contrast, the topographic features of the eastern area include isolated mountains, uplifted reefs, cliffs, skirt-like reefs, limestone caves, sea-shell sands, river outlets, and lakes. The features of the eastern area are so full of diversity that it makes an excellent outdoor classroom for teaching topography.

Longkeng is composed of bulging reefs and famous for its unique landscapes, especially the slumping cliffs, coral tableland and gorges. Because of the researching value of its numerous plants, birds and reptiles, this place is now listed as an ecological protection area.

Services & Facilities

  • Parking lot

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Address:Longkeng, Pingtung County

Opening Time: Advance application is required. The area is open from 08:00 to 15:30, and all visitors must leave by 17:00. It is closed on Tuesdays and the Lunar New Year’s Eve.

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Itinerary Day Trip to Dapeng Bay for Elders
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