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  • Green Sea Turtle in Liuqiu

    Green Sea Turtle in Liuqiu

    This 3D film featuring green sea turtles take viewers to explore the seas through a sea turtle’s perspectives, offering a whole new visual experience. The viewers can learn about Little Liuqiu’s ocean ecology while feeling as if they were personally exploring the ocean world. Intro
  • 2018 Extreme Dapeng Bay

    2018 Extreme Dapeng Bay

    Dapeng Bay is the biggest lagoon on the southwest coastline of Taiwan. There used to be a large-sized oyster bed in the Donggang area. The seafood resources are very abundant. Tourists can take a cruising trip on a yacht to Oyster Shell Island in the bay, and personally experience oyster planting scenes from the past.   Intro
  • Little Liuqiu micro movie“Awaiting”

    Little Liuqiu micro movie“Awaiting”

    The Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Administration just released “Awaiting,” a micro-movie on Little Liuqiu’s people and land. The film promotes ocean conservation through a true-to-life story. The accounts of the main personas in the film are just touching.  Intro
  • Promotional short film for passengers taking ride on Taoyuan Airport MRT (English version)

    Promotional short film for passengers taking ride on Taoyuan Airport MRT (English version)

     Promotional short film for passengers taking ride on Taoyuan Airport MRT (English version) Intro
  • Little Liuqiu mini movie

    Little Liuqiu mini movie

    Little Liuqiu is blessed with a vast warm sea and beautiful scenery. Visitors are also often impressed by the locals’ hospitality. The island’s sea turtles, however, have been struggling against increasing garbage thrown into the sea, especially plastic waste.

    We hope to advocate eco-tourism through this mini movie so that Little Liuqiu can be an “island of no worries” to the turtles. 
  • The opening of the bridge

    The opening of the bridge

    Lift time of the Dapeng Bay Bridge:
    March – September: 17:00 on weekends and national holidays
    October –February: 16:30 on weekends and national holidays 
  • Dapeng Bay Visitor Centers

    Dapeng Bay Visitor Centers

    The Dapeng Bay Visitor Center offers guided tours and tourist information service.
    Service Hours:09:00-18:00
    Address:No.169, Datan Rd., Donggang Township, Pingtung County 92851, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 
  • 2016 Dapeng Bay Yacht & Regatta Festival

    2016 Dapeng Bay Yacht & Regatta Festival

    Held in April annually, the Dapeng Bay Yacht & Regatta Festival includes yacht experiences and sailing, canoeing, water motorcycle, SUP, and creative eco-boat design contests. Related products and local specialties are sold alongside the festival. Many other water experiences can also be enjoyed.  Intro
  • Yingxia Bridge Pavilion

    Yingxia Bridge Pavilion

    The bridge pavilion looks like a wooden boat navigating water under the blue sky and verdant trees. Visitors may want to linger for a while on the bridge to enjoy some carefree and graceful moments. Let light permeate from the top of the bridge pavilion as breezes blow. Why not breathe in and out with nature, feel the vibration of the Earth., and even fly with migratory birds at heart at Yingxia Bridge Pavilion.  Intro
  • Little Liuqiu

    Little Liuqiu

    Little Liuqiu is originally named Samagi. It's history can trace back to 1775 AD (Qian-long year 20, Qing Dynasty), when Mr. Lee Yue reached the island from his hometown at today''s Kaohsiung Port (of Fu-jian province, Mainland China then). The first time ancestor Lee stepped on the land was to take shelter from the storms.  Intro
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