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  • Little Liuqiu

    Little Liuqiu

    Little Liuqiu is originally named Samagi. It's history can trace back to 1775 AD (Qian-long year 20, Qing Dynasty), when Mr. Lee Yue reached the island from his hometown at today''s Kaohsiung Port (of Fu-jian province, Mainland China then). The first time ancestor Lee stepped on the land was to take shelter from the storms.  Intro
  • Cifong Wetland

    Cifong Wetland

    Cifong Wetland is a good choice if you are at the bay for the first time and want to explore its wetlands.  Intro
  • Left Bank Wetlands

    Left Bank Wetlands

    The Left Bank Wetland is on the south of Dapeng Bay and the west of the Linbian Drainage Ditch.  Intro
  • Right Bank Wetland

    Right Bank Wetland

    The Right Bank Wetland is on the south of Dapeng Bay and the east of the Linbian Drainage Ditch, covering around 8 hectares of land.  Intro
  • Datan Wetland Ecological Park

    Datan Wetland Ecological Park

    The Datan Wetland Ecological Park is located on the northeast of the Dapeng Bay and the south border of the Datan Community. This artificial wetland is both an ecological detention pool and a water treatment system.  Intro
  • Mangrove Wetland Restoration Park

    Mangrove Wetland Restoration Park

    The Mangrove Wetland Restoration Park, located on the west of the Dapeng Bay, covers 13.5 hectares of land.  Intro
  • Sunset Bay

    Sunset Bay

    To better show the bay’s tourist features, the area was even named as the “Sunset Bay” in 2014 during a naming competition held by the Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Administration.  Intro
  • Coastal Park(Sailboat Club)

    Coastal Park(Sailboat Club)

    The Coastal Park (Sailboat Club) is equipped with sailboats, canoes and yachts. A 200-meter long artificial beach by the lagoon allows visitors to enjoy the bay area even more. The fine sands have come from the bay outlet. Blessed with the bay’s geographical conditions, on the beach, winds are many and waves are none—perfect for windsurfing.   Intro
  • The Oyster Shell Island

    The Oyster Shell Island

    At Dapeng Bay, there is this little island which grows bigger by the year, because every visitor contributes something it needs. It is called the “Oyster Shell Island.”  Intro
  • Qingzhou Coastal Recreational Area

    Qingzhou Coastal Recreational Area

    At the Qingzhou Coastal Recreational Area, the ocean is blue, the sun is bright, and the beach is clean. The area is located on the southwestern side of the lagoon outlet. Visitors can overlook Little Liuqiu, sailing boats, and the extensive sea that joins the sky.  Intro
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