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Sizhong River Hot Spring Area

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  • Sihjhongsi Hot Spring Area

Sichong river  Hot Spring Area is located at Checheng Township in Pingtung County. The water here is carbonated, excellent quality mineral water. The Sihjhongsi Hot Spring is considered one of the four major hot-spring areas among Taiwan, along with Yangmingshan, Beitou, and Guanziling. At Sihjhongsi you may have the pleasure of enjoying a hot spring bath.

The carbonated water here is clear and transparent, and good for drinking as well as bathing. The volume of water is extremely abundant and flowing all year long. The water ingredients include many kinds of minerals which are excellent for promoting circulation and relieving stiff muscles

Sichong river  is not only famous for its hot springs, but is also a popular place for viewing beautiful natural scenery. The hot springs area is located near the mountains. With its quiet and elegant environment, lovely mountain terrain and stone paths that lead in all directions, it is a famous scenic spot for summer vacationers.During the period of Japanese colonization, ,Sichong river hot springs attracted the Japanese Emperor's younger brother, who spent his honeymoon here, and made Sichong river's beautiful scenery widely known.

  • Qinquan Hot spring (Japan style)
  • Sichongxi public bath
  • Taiyuan Hotel
  • Sizhong River Hot Spring Park

Services & Facilities

  • Parking lot
  • Dining
  • Available online

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Address:Sizhong River Hot Spring Area

Opening Time: All day

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