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Eco-tourism on the Hengchun Peninsula

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Dapeng Bay Scenic Area
Sizhong River Hot Spring Area
Eagle-Observation at Manjhou
Sheding Natural Park
Eluanbi Park

Eco-tourism on the hengchun peninsula

Pleasant surprises in the wetlands

From Fenggang, Provincial Highway No. 26 leads you to Dapeng Bay. In the round bay, encircled by Donggang Township and Linbian Township, alongside the fish ponds and drainage channels, there are clusters of solid Avicennia marina and the most southerly mangroves in Taiwan. Visitors are embraced by the water, the sky and the richness of life here.

Two little egrets are walking in the wetlands shallow, pausing occasionally to snatch a fish. They gaze over the blue waters of the bay. White egrets have lived here for many generations, enjoying the plentiful food supply of the bay while watching the land transform. Their snow white bodies and elegant posture make them one of the most beautiful sights of the wetlands, adding a poetic touch.

  • Scenery along national highway 26

    Scenery along National Highway 26

  • Sichong river hot springs street

    Sizhong River hot springs street

The sea area towards which the egrets gaze used to be covered with oyster rafts but most these have been removed over the last decade in accordance with the tourism development plan, leaving just an oyster shell island and much smaller number of oyster rafts. The island, giving off a faint green sparkle and creating a beautiful sight. was formed by piling millions of oyster shells together. Boats carry harvested oysters from the rafts to the island as tourist boats pass by. Most of the oyster rafts have been removed from the bay now the emphasis has been put on ecotourism development but the oyster shell island will remain as a testament to the bay’s oyster farming past for many years to come.

A proud visitor carried by the wind from the northspan

In September and October every year the skies over south Taiwan are filled with birds that make other birds scatter with fear, grey-faced buzzards leading the flocks of migratory birds of prey that arrive in autumn. The buzzards, able to swoop down from high and take unsuspecting birds, mice and insects with their powerful talons, may be savage but they have the majesty of kings.

Large flocks of soaring buzzards soar in the sky, individual birds sometimes swooping down to grab prey spotted from high up with their “eagle eyes”, making the Hengchun Peninsula in autumn their own. As night falls the buzzards fly to Deli Village in Manzhou Township to roost.They sleep quietly on a lee side slope. Deli Bridge is a good place to watch the buzzards in the afternoon and, if you are lucky, you may see the ‘buzzard column” or “buzzard sea” spectacular natural sights. If you go to Sheding Park’s Lingxiao Pavilion at dawn you can view the sight of hundreds of dark buzzards decorating the blue sky.

  • The best bird of prey watching at manzhou - shanding bridge

    The best bird of prey watching at Manzhou - shanding bridge

  • The best bird of prey watching at manzhou -bird watching pavilions at shanding bridge

    The best bird of prey watching at Manzhou -bird watching pavilions at shanding bridge

The buzzards stay until after national day then continue their journey south, creating an amazing spectacle and watched by adoring admirers who can’t wait for the next time they visit as they go.

Grey-faced Buzzard (Butastur indicus), with their distinctive grey back and orange belly, can also sometimes be seen, their yellow eyes gazing all around. They do not have the arrogance of the buzzards but their swift and graceful movements enchant birdwatchers.

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