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“Tour de bay” Cycle

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Dapeng bay national scenic area
Yingxia Bridge
Donglong Temple and Zhenhai Temple
Jialian community
Qingzhou seaside recreation area

“Tour de bay” cycle

The bike path around Dapeng Bay shines all year under the fierce southern Taiwan sun. Take an afternoon for an invigorating bike ride around the harbor area and Donggang, and discover the simple pleasures of sunbathed scenery and the steady sound of the pedals. In the home of the blue fin tuna you fill find a different kind of vitality.

This land was reclaimed from the sea and the fresh, salty air along the bike path around the harbor is a reminder that the bike path here is like few others. Pedaling only increases your energy, the fresh air rushing past you as everything but you and your bike fade away, rushing past the tire ruts of the many other travelers who savored this feeling here.

  • Yingxia Bridge Pavilion

    Yingxia Bridge Pavilion

  • Oyster Shell Island

    The Oyster Shell Island

    Currently being repaired due to damage caused by a recent typhoon, the Oyster Shell Island is closed for now. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Setting out from Dapeng Bay, you will pass by a Yingxia Bridge, Donglong Temple, Zhenhai Temple, the Jialian neighborhood, Hua Qiao Market, and the Qingzhou Rest Area. Taking a day to take a leisurely bike ride around Donggang, you will take in scenes of these fascinating places and the friendly people there that will last longer than the pictures on any tourist map.

The Yingxia bridge pavilion is a long, narrow covered bridge; the arched-roof wooden bridge itself is a standout site along the harbor bike path, and those biking here for the first time will want to stop to give their feet a rest here. Resting your hands against the waist-high railing and looking down, you can see the sunlight shimmering off the water, and may even glimpse a heron skimming over the water, stirring ripples that mesmerizingly distort your inverted reflection; it is moments like this that take the pleasure of riding the harbor path beyond the ride itself.

Upon entering this tranquil settlement, the fatigue in your feet will gradually dissipate into the tranquil atmosphere, leaving you tranquil and at ease. Entering the wetlands park, all is quiet except for the occasional bark of a dog or the chirping of cicadas. The common moorhens found here are different from the wading birds and waterfowl found near Dapeng Bay, having short, slightly upturned feathers and black bodies and red bills. They contentedly paddle their roly-poly bodies about the ponds, fish sometimes brushing past their webbed feet, a testament to the tranquility of this place. But the residents of the peaceful Jialian community are no layabouts; they have worked tirelessly to improve their home and turn barren land into a paradise.

  • Jialian community wetlands park

    Jialian community wetlands park

  • Wetlands


Donglong Temple and Zhenhai Temple receive large numbers of visitors all year round and major landmarks in Dongkang. Of the two, Donglong Temple is the most impressive.

Donglong Temple was built for the general Wen Hong. Wen Hong was originally a valiant general under Tang Emperor Taizong was swallowed up by a giant wave while on an inspection tour. A millennium later, his spirit was said to have appeared in Donggang, and villagers constructed a temple and performed the ritual of “burning the king’s ship” to send him peacefully to the netherworld. The flames were as fierce as Wen Hong’s shouts on the battlefield, and his brilliant achievements in battle have been faithfully remembered in the fishing village across the river, showing the reverence for ancestors in Chinese custom. The faithful will want to hit the brakes here to offer incense.

On the upper floor of the temple, the gentle breeze dries your sweat as people silently pray among the wisps of incense smoke for the rest of their journey to continue to be safe.

  • Donglong temple’s gold-plated gates

    Donglong temple’s gold-plated gates

  • Ying-Wang(Wangye Worshipping Ceremony)

    Ying-Wang(Wangye Worshipping Ceremony)

Riding along seawall, the ocean carries a refreshing breeze from far away. Riding through the wetlands, the vitality of the place is on full display. Each push of the pedals, every breath you take on this journey will become part of the treasured memories of this place you take away with you.

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