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Sizhong River Hot Springs

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Sizhong River Hot Spring Area

Sizhong River Hot Springs

Taiwan Highway 26 meanders down the Hengchun Peninsula, passing Feng Gang, Da Peng Wan, and Fangliao. As you get ready to hit the gas down the last stretch to the surfing and vacation paradise of Kenting, you'll see a road reading “Route 199- Sizhong River.” More and more people are finding themselves compelled to hang a left here, putting their excitement about the ocean on hold and heading towards the dense forest to be physically and emotionally cleansed in the waters of the creeks hidden deep within.

  • Scenery along national highway 26

    Scenery along national highway 26

  • Sichong river hot springs street

    Sizhong River Hot Springs Street

Route 199 is less well-known than Highway 26, not having the obvious selling points of big waves, great food, bikinis and beer. But this flat stretch of road surrounded by fields and mountains leads to a place of purity and tranquility: Sizhong River.

In this circular basin, the waters of several small creeks flow together. Earlier inhabitants of the area believed they were hearing the call of the mountain gods. They crossed four fast flowing rivers with hidden currents and found the secret treasure in the forest. This is how Sizhong River got its name, the Sizhong part meaning four rivers.

This simple yet precious creek water is a natural alkaline carbonic acid hot springs; since the distant past, the warm spring waters have bubbled forth to provide comfort to those who sought it out or simply passed by, who ladled it out to wash themselves or drinking it, appreciating the crystal clear and pure water. The spring is an endless, selfless gift from the earth that can be appreciate by all.

  • Sichong river hot springs park

    Sizhong River Hot Springs Park

  • Sizhong River Hot Spring Park

    Sizhong River Hot Springs Park

80 years ago, the Japan’s Prince Takamatsu honeymooned here, and today, the spring murmurs on as always. Whether a whole family chatting happily or a lone traveler relaxing in silence but for his own breathe, no matter who soaks in these waters or what their mood, the experience is a timeless, transcendent one. In the future, travelers from afar will bathe in the clean, pure waters of Sizhong River, letting the steam turn their faces red, perhaps relaxing with a cup of rice wine.

Passing through the hot springs area and heading further down Route 199, you will arrive at Mudan Township. Mudan means “peony,” but behind the elegant name is a courageous past. Stepping onto the Shihmen historical battlefield, people are reminded of the blood and tears of the Mudan Incident a Japanese punitive expedition against Taiwanese natives in the late 19th Century. The cries of the Paiwan people and the Japanese in the heat of battle are remember by the streaked stone memorial. The faces of the dead, unbeknownst to us but seemingly familiar, tug at the heartstrings of travelers; if only we could carry them to the wide plain to release their souls perhaps, in this peaceful place, they could finally be at rest.

  • Shimen ancient battlefield monument

    Shimen Ancient Battlefield Monument

The road follows and old route; the forest and floating clouds are the same, but the significance of Route 199 is vastly different from what it once was. Travelers will see here that the spice of life is not merely in air conditioned rooms, karaoke, and DVDs. No matter what mood you arrive in or what time year you visit, in the warm spring waters, you will find yourself with a new respect for nature’s countless treasures.

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