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Following in the Footsteps of the Stars in the Far South

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Hengchun Historical City, situated at the center of the township, is one of Taiwan''''s more well-preserved historical buildings, and consequently has been listed as a national second-grade historic site.
Kenting Avenue
Kenting Avenue

Kenting Avenue

In daytime, the characters of Hengchun Peninsula are definitely beautiful natural scenery and cultural historic monuments. However, after sunset, Kenting Avenue takes over and become the top 1 place that attracts crowds.
Houbi Lake
Kenting National Scenic Area

Following in the footsteps of the stars in the far south

On this far-off cape, everything is bathed in the golden glow of the sun. People sit or lounge on the beach, chatting, laughing, playing, and tanning. As the day goes by, some tans may turn into sunburns, but no matter- people scrub themselves off, grab a few beers from the fridge, fire up the grill, and bring the fun of the beach back to the courtyard of your resort house. That’s what’s great about the Hengchun Peninsula. People from all over come here by car, bus, or motorbike all year round. Some people even book a resort home in advance for the typhoon season; the giant waves during that time are like a gift from above for surfers.

Everyone who comes here falls in love with the place, and its beauty has naturally caught the attention of location scouts for the television and film industry. Moving stories have been set amongst its inlets, cliffs, beaches, and rolling waves, the wispy clouds and gentle ocean breeze providing the natural backdrop for the blossoming love.

The characters in these stories can stroll down lively Kenting Avenue, walk barefoot on the sandy beaches of Jialeshui, embrace under the sun at Baishawan, or even heartbreakingly part at the jetty several decades ago. No matter how the story unfolds, setting it on the Hengchun Peninsula gives it a unique look and feel.

  • The home of the main character aga in the film cape no. 7

    The home of the main character aga in the film cape no. 7

  • The Beautiful Beach Of The Hotel Tomoko,a main characer, lived In In Cape NO.7

    The Beautiful Beach Of The Hotel Tomoko,a main characer, lived In In Cape NO.7

Having garnered attention from television and movie producers, the small town of Hengchun is no longer the sleepy place off Highway 26 that it once was, having been become familiar to many through the hit movie Cape No. 7, shot in the area; the movie’s warmth and the familiarity of the characters and their struggles resonated with audiences, being reflective not only of Hengchun, but the broader world as well.

  • Aga’s home – interior

    Aga’s home – interior

  • Tomoko’s grandmother’s home

    Tomoko’s grandmother’s home

「On display in the television series Wayward Kenting, on the other hand the mood is of unrestrained freedom and we see both dejected people and happy people.

There is a girl who is sentimentally attached to her hometown, a popular Internet author recovering from a broken heart, a young man with a heart full of love and a middle aged man who has experienced the ups and downs of life and has opened a guesthouse in Kenting…Each has his/her own pain and determination, they are in a TV drama they are actors however, they reflect the real lives of men and women today. The Howard Hotel, Kenting Avenue, and Houbihu also provide modern recreation facilities, a bustling shopping area, and seafood that have all caught the eye of film crews; although the actors are conveying emotions laid out for them by their script, with choice of settings complementing the story, what the audience sees in the final product is Hengchun playing itself as it really is, day in an day out.

With Hengchun now so familiar, visitors are sure to find it an even more fascinating place to discover.

The beach  aga stared at (wan li tong)

The beach aga stared at (wan li tong)

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