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Good Food in Donggang

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Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area
Donggang Fish Market
Donggang Seafood Street

Good Food in Donggang

On a rare depressingly overcast day in Pingtung, the clouds so low they seemed to be pressing down on the windscreen, my stomach began to grumble as I came to a halt in Donggang, a harbor town that is blown by the sea breeze all year round.

  • Guangfu road seafood street

    Guangfu road seafood street

  • Guangfu road seafood street at Donggang

    Guangfu road seafood street at Donggang

Like the people of other coastal settlements, the people of Dongang have, over many years of observation and experience, learned to live, and eat, in accordance with the rhythms of the ocean and are periodically rewarded by it. Donggang and the ocean have an indivisible relationship. The people have grown to love it and be grateful for the rich harvest it gives them but also respect, and sometimes, fear it.

Blue Fin Tuna

The tuna, condemned to being overfished and now an endangered species because they are so delicious to eat, grow to a huge size and have grey-blue skin with an iron colored dark gloss. They have a cute roly-poly appearance, cumbersome bodies with small yellow dorsal fins and tails that seem to be too small for the size of the body; however, don’t be fooled, the tuna are powerful and agile swimmers able cut through the ocean like a knife. Every May the fishermen bring the first batch of tuna back to port, laying the large plump fish that are both a gift from nature and the fruit of their labor on the dockside.

Every part of a blue fin tuna can be made into a tasty dish. The melt-in-your-mouth middle part of the belly, a perfect mix of flesh and fat, is especially popular and is regarded as a food made by the gods.

  • Blue Fin Tuna

    Blue Fin Tuna

  • Pork Rice Cake

    Pork Rice Cake

Pork Rice Cake

In Donggang, when you are walking along and see a long queue, don’t be mistaken and think there’s a run on the banks and people are desperate to get their money out, it’s actually a queue of hungry people who have heard about the tasty food that can be bought from a stall/shop. A sweet fragrance always lingers over the junction of Zhongshan Road and Guangfu Road. The rice cakes sold by Linji Pork Rice Cakes, Snow Mountain shaped cakes with chewy texture and special flavoring, have been attracting customers from far and wide for years.. The rice cakes are eaten in slices with sausage, pork and shrimps in an old fashioned china bowl, accompanied by a bowl of soup, each mouthful of rice cake and other ingredients eaten with a spoonful of soup. Alternatively, the soup and the rice cake etc can be mixed together and eaten together. Both ways are equally tasty.

The Oyster Shell Island

Currently being repaired due to damage caused by a recent typhoon, the Oyster Shell Island is closed for now. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Peng Bay has an unimposing small island, covered in oyster shells, that can be reached by boat in ten minutes. It''s best if you go with an empty stomach so you can enjoy the tasty treasures hidden beneath the waters of the bay. Boats carry oysters, known as the milk of the sea, from the oyster rafts to the island. These are fried or scalded and then eaten with a touch of mustard. When you try them, and your taste buds sing, you will immediately know why they are so highly praised. Day and night the oysters absorb the nutrients of the sea, growing plump. The fat and mouthwatering oysters of Peng Bay, a bountiful gift from nature to mankind, await the visitor.

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