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Liuqiu Issues Beach Currency Again and Launches Five Turtle-Loving Beach Cleaning Events

Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Administration (hereinafter Dapeng Bay Administration) is holding beach currency cleaning events for the first time in Liuqiu since 2017. "Beach currency" can only be obtained by participating in the beach cleaning events. Five sessions will be held on July 7th, 13th, 16th, 22nd and 26th, inviting visitors to help protect the beaches of Liuqiu.

According to Dapeng Bay Administration, "Beach Currency" is made from glass fragments picked up on the beach and hand-painted by local artist Lin Peiyu. It cannot be mass-produced, so it is unique and purchase deals are offered at nearly partner 100 stores on the island.

The partner organization, Taiwan Loo-Koo Yu Association details the content of beach currency beach cleaning events. Each visitor is required to arrive at the Liuqiu Visitor Center before 2pm, bring their own water bottle, clothing to protect them from the sun and transport. There will also be a group competition and the team that cleans up most beach waste will have a chance to win "Beach currency" rewards. This can be redeemed as coupons at more than 100 stores on the island.

In addition, the Dapeng Bay Administration noted that turtle-loving beach cleaning is one of the "2023 Taiwan Midsummer Tourism Festival" events held by the Tourism Bureau, MOTC, so there are more deals to encourage visitors to use public transport. Beach cleaning participants take the Dapeng Bay-Liuqiu Route of the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service from the high speed rail’s Zuoying Station to Donggang, and on showing proof of a ticket purchase receive a NT$100 discount coupon, which can be used at partner shops.

Dapeng Bay Administration points out that the beach currency beach cleaning event not only educates participants on how to reduce their use of plastic in daily life, but also promotes responsible tourism, calling on both industry and tourists to take action to protect sea turtles. During the sea turtle spawning season from June to October, visitors are asked to avoid the island’s beaches at night.
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