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Diverting the flood of tourists "Liuqiu Spacing Out Day" shows visitors the best way to tour in autumn and winter

"Liuqiu Spacing Out Day" shows visitors where to enjoy a tour of Liuqiu and have fun in autumn and winter, by admiring the island scenery from an alternative perspective and with a responsible attitude.

Xiaoliuqiu's off-season (September to December) is also a time when the ocean can take a rest. Based on the concept of "resting with the ocean," "Liuqiu Spacing Out Day" is held at 4 pm on October 15 (Saturday) in compliance with epidemic prevention regulations. The event venue is at the largest container market "Lamei FUN+ Market" in Liuqiu in 2020. On that day, a market focused on the spacing out theme, environmental protection and low carbon will be held.

The market includes a series of events such as a "waste-free market," a saving the ocean auction, grassland concert, DIY experiences etc. We look forward to creating a "low-carbon" image, making Liuqiu a place visitors can enjoy all year round based on efforts to protect the environment and maintain sustainable marine resources. On event day, environmental protection tableware and Liuxing cups can be rented. There are also short lectures on environmental protection and marine knowledge, soap recycling, fish-eating education and other experiences. These seek to enhance understanding of Liuqiu's marine ecology, while boosting environmental protection awareness, concern about environmental protection and food safety.

Xu Zhulong, director of the Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Administration, observes that Liuqiu has attracted 1 million visitors annually since 2017, with about 600,000 people visiting from June to September. Currently, the government, academia and the public are working to redirect crowds flocking to the sea by offering more land-based activities in order to protect the habitat and improve the quality of tourism. "Liuqiu Spacing Out Day" marks the beginning of that process.

Island habitats are very fragile ecological environments and sustainable tourism must work hand-in-hand with responsible tours. We hope to position Liuqiu as a tourism eco-island and minimize the impact of people through different means to achieve sustainable management.
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