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Join handicraft workshops at Nanping Slow Living Festival, a LOHAS travel highlight

A final presentation of the year-long “Nanping Peninsula Strategic Tourism Development Plan” was held on September 25 at Nanping Slow Living Festival, featuring food, handicrafts, and LOHAS tourism in Nanping. Both local residents and tourists were invited to attend the event and feel Nanping’s fishery-village charm.  

Situated in a longish peninsula, Nanping faces Dapeng Bay (lagoon) on its right and the Taiwan Strait on its left. This comfy neighborhood is thus full of coastal charm. The residents here are quite hospitable. Local culture is unique and fish farming is well developed. Handicrafts, customized tours, and nearby tourist towns make Nanping a bayside travel highlight.

Visitors are encouraged to join DIY classes featuring oyster-shell crafts such as pot plants and key rings, fishing-line knitting, and fishery-village prints, bringing home memories of Nanping with these wonderful little things. There are also special LOHAS tours to Nanping’s lobster and oyster farms, as well as cloth-dyeing and lunch box-making in traditional houses.

Reservations can be made at “Pinkoi Experience” online.

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Nanping Slow Living Festival

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