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Travel around Taiwan on a bike with Oh! Bear and draw free gifts

On October 2, at the Bayfun Pier, all visitors will be cordially invited to explore the bay’s wetlands and beautiful Donggang on a bike. The participants will be feasted with Donggang’s delicious food. They may also draw free gifts full of Donggang’s characteristics. “Traveling around Taiwan with Oh! Bear on a Bike” will also be held. Register online at: Link

The Administration works with travel agencies, cycling communities, and the tourism circle, plus local arts and creative companies and B&Bs, to hold this event, in hopes to provide an all-encompassing folk culture/food/art experience.

Other than taking photos for their social media accounts and interacting with Oh! Bear, the participants may take the round-the-bay bicycle path, visit Pengcun Wetland and Dapeng Bay Bridge, and explore small-town Donggang which is famous for Donglong Temple. The religious “Wangye” rites, held every three years, are not to be missed. There is also drift-wood art along the way. Those hoping to learn more may join a guided tour and try delicious local food afterwards. All visitors can expect a satisfying journey at the bay.
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