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2021 Wangye Worship Dates


Wangye worship, held every three years, will begin according to the following schedule, which is acknowledged by Wangye through divinations.

Little Liuqiu Wangye Worship Dates: Oct. 8 (imploring water) - Oct. 14 (seeing the king off) (solar calendar)

Donggang Wangye Worship Dates: Oct. 24 (imploring water) - Oct. 31 (seeing the king off) (solar calendar)

Nangzhou Wangye Worship Dates: Nov. 17 (imploring water) - Nov. 22 (seeing the king off) (solar calendar)

Every step of the ceremony is held according to tradition, from choosing the “seven temple leaders,” receiving Zhongjunfu Wangye, building the Wangye boat, presenting a schedule, setting up Daitianfu, inviting Wangye, crossing fire, worshipping Wangye, parading throughout the town, holding the Wangye boat ceremony, transporting the boat, holding a banquet for Wangye, to seeing Wange off.

You are cordially invited to join this grand festival. We recommend doing some research first, such as Wangye culture and rules to follow. Feel touched and enlightened at once!

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