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Volleyball in Qingzhou: a new highlight of the bay


“Dapeng Bay Beach Volleyball for Youngsters” was recently held on December 19 at Qingzhou Coastal Leisure Area by Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Administration. The organizer invited national players to join an exhibition match, and invited visitors to play volleyball on site. An open market, an adventure game, and live shows were also held, making the newly opened Qingzhou coasts especially lively.

Qinzhou Coastal Leisure Area has been hailed as the “little Hawaii.” With a lush green forest and an extensive beach, the area exudes old-time charm. On the day of the event, many youngsters and families with children joined the volleyball game, and they told the organizer that the beach was clean and beautiful.

Although it is winter time, since Dapeng Bay is located in southern Taiwan, it is mostly bathed in sunshine in the day. In conjunction with the “saluting to the sea” policy, the bay’s administration has reopened the coasts of Qingzhou, and sands have been silted to make the beach “visitor-friendly.” Qingzhou is expected to be famous for watery fun in the near future.

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