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Along with foundation of Pingtung Tourism Circle, the administration demonstrates travel highlights and tours


A grand ceremony was recently held for the founding of Pingtung Tourism Circle by Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Administration. More than 200 travel highlights and tours were presented at the event. Representatives of relevant local businesses (food, accommodation, shopping, and transport), youth groups, travel tech companies, and e-commerce firms all attended the occasion, celebrating the circle’s establishment.

Pingtung, a tropical town, is rich with cultural and natural resources. In recent years, the government has been actively making Pingtung a friendly tourist town. In northern Pingtung, farm and hiking tours are available. In downtown Pingtung, “Victory Village” is a classical military dependents’ village that’s worth a visit. Central Pingtung is known for traditional Hakka villages. Along the coasts, visitors can savor regional seafood cuisine. Little Liuqiu holds water activities and ecological educational tours. There are indigenous tribes to visit in Dawu Mountain. Kenting of Hengchun is a highly popular destination. These are all worth being promoted as highlights of Pingtung Tourism Circle.

Since “regional revitalization” has been popular in recent years, many of Pingtung’s youngsters have returned to their hometown and start new businesses. Entrepreneurship has actually flourished across people of all ages and in different corners of the town. This gives people a truly special feeling during their trips.

With Pingtung Tourism Circle, the government hopes to lead digital transformation through marketing. It will sign MOUs with the world’s major online travel agents such as Klook, Airbnb, Hotels Combined, and more, building digital, international partnerships for Pingtung’s tourism industry. Again, based on “regional revitalization,” the government will strengthen the reciprocal collaborations between tourist businesses and local communities, thus building a solid ground for sustainable tourism.

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