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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle launches “9127-D Dapeng Bay - Liuqiu Line” to take visitors right from THSR Zuoying Station to Dapeng Bay


Taiwan Tourist Shuttle just opened a new route between THSR Zuoying Station and Dapeng Bay in Donggang. From September 1 on, 12 such buses will be available daily, departing every 30 minutes.

From THSR Zuoying Station, the buses will first stop by Dongliu Line Port, passing by Donggang Township Bus Terminal, Dapeng Bay Bayside Wharf, and finally Dapeng Bay Visitor Center. A single journey will take about 70 minutes.

At Bayside Park Stop, visitors can explore the entire national scenic area at once. They may also take Dongliu Line boats to Little Liuqiu.

For its graceful egg-shaped dome, Dapeng Bayside Wharf is hailed as a smaller version of the arena in Taipei. Visitors can hop on and off Dongliu Line boats and lagoon ships here. At night, the wharf is adorned with beautiful lights and cafes are open. No wonder the wharf became a new popular destination in a short period of time.

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