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Cyclists challenged 26 circular rides around the bay, at 300 km long


Recently, for the first time, “Dapeng Bay Cruising 300” was held at Dapeng Bay Round-the-bay Road by Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC.

On August 22 (Sat.), a round-the-bay bicycle marathon took place. Then, on August 23 (Sun.), the 2020 Slip Bike Contest was held. From August 21 to 23, a local farmers’ and fishermens’ market was held, too. Dapeng Bay Cruising 300 was truly versatile and full of fun.

Through this event, the Administration introduced to the public how ideal the bay is for promoting the 2021 Year of Bicycle Tourism. At 11.7 kilometers long, Dapeng Bay Round-the-bay Road is much favored by the organizer of “Tour de Taiwan” from France. For six years in a row, it has been an important venue for the contest.

For Dapeng Bay Cruising 300, nearly 200 top players came to the bay, riding 300 kilometers at once by making 26 circles. As to the Slip Bike Contest for children, which was held for the second time, the contest contains two categories, “leisurely slip bike” and “slip bike challenge.” The organizer hopes to introduce slip bikes as a new sport to more young children and their parents in Taiwan, and teach them how to ride bikes correctly while improving children’s sense of balance.

From August 21 to 23, Pingtung’s farmers and fishermen gathered up to sell their products at the special bicycle market. Local artists also give performances there!

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