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“Koo Koo Coins" and the first bento boxes for rent: enjoy a plastic-free trip in Little Liuqiu


To mitigate the harm done to nature by using disposable utensils, Little Liuqiu’s conservation groups, Hiin Studio and Taiwan Loo-Koo Yu Association, conducted a project entitled "Super Cool Bento Box for Rent" together. Also, with the use of special "Koo Koo Coins," the educational project becomes much more fun.

Koo Koo Coins are 100% made of recycled polyfoam. Each of the unique, molded coins are hand-painted to be colorful coins by local artists.

Visitors who would like to rent reusable utensils need to go to designated stores and get Koo Koo Coins from cashapon machines first. The coins can be used as many times as possible, and without due dates. Visitors can keep the coins as souvenirs, or return them and get their money back. The capsules and the paper notes inside are recyclable - if they want, visitors can place them in a small container by the machine, so that these materials can be used again.

The eco-friendly utensils are cleaned and sterilized at high temperature in washing machines. Visitors can feel safe when using them. Feel free to go to one of the stores and “rent” reusable utensils with Koo Koo Coins. Let’s protect our ocean together!

Koo Koo Coins

Koo Koo Coins

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