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Ecological mangrove canoeing tours are available now


While Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Administration (hereinafter Administration) spent 10 years establishing six artificial wetlands, it restored the most iconic mangrove plants of Taiwan. For visitors to get close to mangrove forests, from now on, in-depth ecological guided tours are available for reservation. Participants will be able to explore the 2.5-hectare mangrove wetland by the bay’s ocean-crossing bridge on engineless canoes.

Peaceful Dapeng Bay is ideal for canoeing. The route will be about 500 meters, with a range of mangrove trees on both sides. This is a great chance for learning Taiwan’s main mangrove tree species at once, in addition to making remarkable travel photos.

The water activities here, other than mangrove canoe tours, include: canoeing, banana boating, mangrove SUP tours, and SUP for beginners. Advanced customized trainings (canoeing, SUP, and water motorcycling), water safety courses (environmental safety, lifeguarding, and CPR), and special explorations (long-distance canoeing / SUP and self-built rafts) are also available. For safety reasons, all participants must reserve in advance. Before 6pm, one day ahead, the participants must confirm by phone again the number of people and the time to attend the desired event. Reservation hotline: 0956-132232 (Mr. Hsu).

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