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Taiwan, a precious habitat of sea turtles -Let’s protect oceans and sea turtles together


Blessed with a unique geological environment, Little Liuqiu is ideal for observing sea turtles at a close distance. Local transport is convenient, and water activities, such as scuba diving, are highly popular.

A video showing a sea turtle whose nose is stuck with a plastic straw has made people around the world become much more aware of plastic-straw pollution. And to protect sea turtles and their habitats, the first thing to do is to know more about them. Thus, “Turtle Spot Taiwan,” a Facebook group, was established in June 2017 as a “household registration book” of the sea turtles of Taiwan, even the world.

At Turtle Spot Taiwan, people exchange information about sea turtles. Members take photos of the left and ride sides of sea turtles no matter they meet the ocean creatures at shores or in the sea, and post the photos in the group. In this way, every sea turtle that lives around Taiwan or even just passes by the island gets understood just a bit more.

And what should we do if we meet a sea turtle in the sea? Just relax and look at it closely. Stop, see, slow, slow and slow. Stop and keep a distance. If it seems safe, adjust breaths, slow down, and get close slowly.

Please cherish Little Liuqiu where humans can swim with sea turtles. Travel can surely go low-carbon. Let’s protect oceans and sea turtles together!


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