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Restructuring work of the main festival lantern to start soon


The 2019 Taiwan Lantern festival just came to a wonderful end in Dapeng Bay, Pingtung County. The main lantern, “Giant Tuna Bringing Wealth,” will be reserved on site, in ways that are friendly to nature.

The festival impressed visitors with the main lantern in the shape of a bluefin tuna. It seems to jump over waves, gazing at the vast open sea of southern Taiwan - a magnificent, indelible scene. To enable visitors to appreciate the main lantern from all angles plus a night-time lighting show, a highly complicated electric-mechanic system was used to control lighting. The result was a dynamic, vivid lantern display celebrating the Lantern Day.

Now that the festival is over, due to safety concerns, restructuring of the main lantern will begin. The shape of the lantern will remain, but it will not rotate anymore. The lighting shows will be held regularly in the form of light projection. The gigantic lantern and its supporting platform will be adjusted to be more wind and rust resistant. The lantern design team will be commissioned to carry out such work.

The exact steps of the plan are as follows: The main lantern will first be dismantled and then placed to the ground. Then, rust-resistance coating will be added to the lantern. The parts of the lantern that might lessen wind-resistance will be removed, to make it more lasting on days of strong winds. When all work is done, the lantern will be assembled again.

The area which displays the main lantern and a nearby plaza are closed for now, with construction fences in place. The project is scheduled for completion by early August. During this time, all visitors are requested to abide by on-site safety rules. Please do not trespass closed areas, so as to keep safe.

Restructuring work of the main festival lantern to start soon

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