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Let’s learn about Wen Wangye!

Let's learn about Royal Emperor Wen(Wangye)

About Wen Wangye (also known as Royal Emperor Wen)

About Royal Emperor Wen(Wangye)

Wen Wangye (also known as Royal Emperor Wen) has a family name of “Wen.” He is nicknamed “Royal Lord Grandpa" or "Wangye” by local residents of Donggang. He was originally a high-ranking official of Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty. He was first given the title of “Learned Scholar” after he saved the emperor in one accident. Later on, he was endowed as the “Royal Lord" after he put down rebels. That’s why he is called “Wen Wangye” today.

Main festivity

Main festivity

The “Palace of Eastern Prosperity,” a.k.a. Donglong Temple, worships Wen Wangye. A major festivity is held every three years to welcome royal lord and to invoke blessings from him.

Explore Dapeng Bay with Wen Wangye

  • Constructed Wetland
    Enjoy the local ecology with Wen Wangye

    There are many constructed wetland parks at the Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area. Get a telescope and watch beautiful egrets and migrant birds fly.

    Recommended site : Constructed Wetland
  • Little Liuqiu
    Ride in the winds with Wen Wangye

    Electric motorcycles are the most eco-friendly vehicles in Little Liuqiu. Let’s take a low-carbon emission ride with Wen Wangye!

    Recommended site : Little Liuqiu
  • Mangrove Wetland Restoration Park
    Pick up a green lifestyle from Wen Wangye

    There is an expansive mangrove ecological park at the Dapeng Bay. Let’s take a backpack green tour to the park with Wen Wangye and explore the park’s diversified ecology!

    Recommended site : Mangrove Wetland Restoration Park
  • 環灣自行車道
    Take a carbon-free vacation with Wen Wangye

    Slow down your pace of life with Wen Wangye, ride along the round-the-bay bicycle path, and enjoy a holiday free from worries.

  • The PenBay National Leisure Zone
    Take an adventurous trip on the waters with Wen Wangye

    Wen Wangye invites you to use all water recreation facilities here, such as canoes, windsurfing boards, pumpabikes and keel boats.

    Recommended site : The PenBay National Leisure Zone
  • Donggang Seafood Street
    Taste delicious seafood with Wen Wangye

    Don’t miss the fresh, tasty seafood in Donggang Township. Let’s follow Wen Wangye to enjoy some oceanic delicacies!

    Recommended site : Donggang Seafood Street
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