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Seashore Service Area

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Audio Guided Tours

Right next to the bay’s visitor center, the Seashore Service Area is the first place most visitors stop to play. The artificial lagoon here is a miniature of the bay’s real lagoon. The services provided here are also as comprehensive although the area is pretty small. It is ideal for family visitors, young and old.

Children’s Sports Car Paradise

Located on the first floor of the Seashore Service Area, the paradise is equipped with a few dozens of children’s sports cars that cannot be found elsewhere in Taiwan. The little visitors can ride cars safely and the parents can fulfill their dream of “owning” sports cars. Group reservations are available other than individual rentals. There are even driving lessons for children to learn traffic signs. Those who completed the lessons will be awarded with “drivers’ licenses” and various special offers.

Watery Fun

Watery Fun provides two types of vehicles, powered and non-powered. The powered vehicles include 10 bumper cars suitable for visitors young and old. The non-powered ones include canoes, swan and dragon pedal boats for lovers and families, and SUP. The recovered mangrove forests surrounding the lagoon are inhabited by fiddler crabs and mudskippers, making this area ideal for ecological boat trips. Don’t miss the water activities here!

Oyster Farming Experience

To introduce the bay’s past, a special oyster-rack classroom has been established in the Seashore Service Area. Visitors can learn about the lives of early oyster farmers without going to the seas, including making oyster strings and washing and picking oysters. At the end of the class, all participants can grill the oysters they have just picked. If you come here in a group, why not take this unique ecological activity.

Waterfront Cafe

Waterfront Cafe is located right in the middle of the mini lagoon. It serves coffee and light meals, and sells specialty gifts from Donggang. Don’t worry about the price of the gifts - it is not more expensive. So, skip the trouble of wandering on the streets of Donggang. Come to Waterfront Cafe to enjoy some easy shopping.

Services & Facilities

  • Parking lot
  • Dining

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Opening Time: 9:00-18:00

Itinerary 大鵬灣無障礙自由行建議行程
Itinerary 銀髮族大鵬灣一日遊
Number of Visitors:1,055 Last Update: 2019-07-30
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