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Wangye rites (Wangye Worshipping Ceremony) came to a perfect end at Zhong'ao Beach as a Wangye boat was burnt


Held once every three years by Sanlong Temple in Little Liuqiu, the Wangye rites (Wangye Worshipping Ceremony) began on November 12 and lasted until the early morning of the 18th. After a round-the-town ceremony and some welcoming rituals were held, a temple parade team held Lord Qiansui / Wangye all around Little Liuqiu for five days on a boat. On the last day, the boat was sent to Zhong'ao Beach for the final "boat-burning" ("seeing off Lord Qiansui / Wangye") ceremony.

As the boat was burnt, Lord Qiansui / Wangye took away the town's bad luck and plague. The Wangye rites (Wangye Worshipping Ceremony) then came to an end.

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