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The bay’s tourist services will continue despite parts of its BOT leisure zone is closed for now.


The Pen Bay International Leisure Zone closed down parts of its business areas yesterday (July 16). The racing community especially feels it is a pity to close down the zone’s international racing ground. Resort Penbay and the go-kart site are still in service. The leisure zone as a whole is still open, and visitors can get in from Entrance No. 2 and admission and parking fees are free.

Moreover, the lake tours and water activities are available at the bay area as usual. The general tourist services are also still there. The Dapeng Bay – Little Liuqiu shuttle boat services will continue to operate by Entrance 2. Visitors can well consider going to Little Liuqiu from Dapeng Bay.

Since the contracting company responsible for the leisure zone made the announcement, other leisure businesses in the area have received a large number of calls asking if their services are still provided. Many visitors thought the bay’s tourist activities were all suspended. In response, the bay’s Administration and relevant businesses posted notices on their Facebook fan pages to clear up doubts, stressing that tourist services will never stop at the bay as a whole.

Dapeng Bay is blessed with a unique lagoon, meaning that it has winds but not raging waves. This makes it ideal for people to try sailing, canoeing, stand-up paddling, and round-the-lake boat tours. In fact, the bay takes pride in the following leisure resources: a sailing base providing windsurfing classes and keel boat experiences in the bayside park, as well as companies such as Renpeng Lake Tours, Dapeng Bay Yachting, and Pengfu Yachting which offers round-the-lake scenic boat tours.

The Dapeng Bay Tourism Industry Alliance noted that there are more than 60 legally registered B&Bs in the bay area and thus accommodation can be fun and safe.

Of course, by taking a THSR holiday tour, visitors can take the latest Dapeng Bay – Little Liuqiu Line, enjoying a carefree boat trip from the bay to Little Liuqiu and meeting up with green sea turtles at a close distance.

The bay is best known for its lighting design / bridge-opening shows of the Dapeng Bay Bridge, in addition to a 12-km round-the-bay bicycle tail, six manmade ecological wetlands, 30th anniversary lantern festival exhibition center, and a blue-fin tuna sculpture by Japanese master designer Fukuda Shigeo.

As to food, not only that the bay is famous for Fuwan chocolate which is the Gold Prize winner of the International Chocolate Awards, at this moment, an iced dessert festival is being held in Donggang.

In the near future, Swimming across Dapeng Bay, Round-the-Bay Cycling Challenge, and LAVA Triathlon Taiwan will all be held at the bay. Again, all services will go on and on. Visitors are encouraged to explore southern Taiwan’s beautiful scenery and delicious food at Dapeng Bay during the summer.

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