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Sunset Bay

Sunset Bay

Most of the bay-side residents raised fish in fish ponds for a living in the early days, and as a result old over-ground water pipes meandering throughout the region became an eyesore in later years. Upon negotiation among multiple parties, it was decided that the water for fish ponds be acquired through a collective water system from then on, and that all of the pipes be re-arranged to facilitate future management. Today, the center of the system – an artificial lagoon, not only serves a popular tourist destination, but also an educational site. The round-the-lagoon bicycle paths and walking trails are the best for anyone wishing to appreciate sunset. These accessible routes are even perfect for those on wheelchairs. It is simply enjoyable to immerse in the golden rays of sunset and late-afternoon breezes.

To better show the bay’s tourist features, the area was even named as the “Sunset Bay” in 2014 during a naming competition held by the Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Headquarters.

At Sunset Bay, other than the well-planned irrigation systems, the romantic sunset makes this a place worth a visit. Take a walk along the bay to enjoy views of the glittering waters and the rosy sky. Watch the Sun slowly falls into the lagoon like a big red apple. No matter the weather, the sunset is beautiful in its own way. The best time to watch the sunset in the summer is after 17:30 . In the winter, 16:00 is the best.

Services & Facilities

  • Parking lot

Accessible Facilities

  • Accessible Parking:Car: 2 spaces

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