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Wetland education courses lend an in-depth perspective of Dapeng Bay


New environmental education courses on the wetlands of the Dapeng Bay are available now.

The Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area became a certified site for environmental education on October 31, 2013, but since the Environmental Education Act was implemented on June 5, 2011, it has held a variety of related courses.

The Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Administration is located on the border of Donggang and Linbian Townships in Pingtung County in southern Taiwan in the subtropical zone. It is just beside the Taiwan Strait and therefore enjoys a mild weather all year round.

But the Dapeng Bay is not just a great place for water activities, biking, hiking and general tourism events. It is featured by a unique lagoon landscape dwelled by a wide range of mangrove creatures, such as fiddle crabs. To use the area’s natural resources to develop local economy without damaging the environment, the Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Administration has established a substantial number of environmental education facilities around the lagoon over the last few years, while basing this long-term project at the yacht pier.

Now that the local cultural resources are being incorporated, the Dapeng Bay has been transformed into a place where people can enjoy seaside activities, visit historic sites and take wetland conservation courses at once. An inspiring, modern trip on culture and nature can now be enjoyed at the all-in-one Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area.

For more information, please call the Environmental Education Team, Leisure and Recreation Management at (08)8338100#163.

The schedule for the latest one-day course is as follows. Civil servants or teachers may earn three hours of continued education credits after attending this course.

Time Title Location Content
Welcome/Understanding Dapeng
Bay/Environmental Education
Briefing room 1. Registration; staff introduction; screening of “Unlimited Dapeng Bay.”
2. Wetland education
Transformation Visitor center Introduction of the economy of Dapeng Bay, from aquaculture to leisure tourism.
An Educational Field Trip on Wetland Conservation Wetland park Participants will learn about wetlands and their roles in the nature, ecological engineering methods, mangroves and their roles in the nature, and the birds and natural ecologies at the bay.
Note: Please check the national park website for the latest updates.

Please bring your own cups and cameras and wear suitable clothing and shoes for both indoor and outdoor activities.

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