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Donggang Fishery Port Marine Product Direct Sale Center (formerly the Huaqiao Market)

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  • Donggang Fishery Port Fish and Seafood Direct Sales Center
  • Sakura shrimps, great for making local cuisine
  • Food stands in Huaqiao Market
  • Donggang Fishery Port Marine Product Direct Sale Center (formerly the Huaqiao Market)

Donggang is the port which visitors returning from Little Liuqiu must stop at. In the early days, vendors would go to the port to sell fish they had just caught from the sea. Because the number of fish was limited, and that the tourists were ready to go home, trade was quite active. Some visitors would even buy up a whole stand of fish. With more vendors gathering up to do business, a market was eventually formed. And because to the vendors the visitors were splashing money like rich overseas compatriots, the market was named “Hua Qiao,” exactly meaning “overseas compatriots” in Chinese.

The center today has been refurbished from the Hua Qiao Market. The site was re-inaugurated in May, 2012 and officially named the Donggang Fishery Port Marine Product Direct Sale Center. Taking up nearly 5,000 square meters land, the center accommodates more than 400 stands and is divided into the Fresh Fish, Raw Food, Cooked Food, Specialty, and Gourmet Cuisine Zones. On the top of the center is a scenic platform with coastal views. There is a big, convenient parking lot nearby.

If you are too lazy to find a seafood restaurant on Guangfu Road, pick something you like at Huaqiao Market. The stand owners can cook the seafood for you, so that you can enjoy the freshest dishes immediately. Price is satisfactory and the seafood is delicious. Of course, you may buy some gifts to bring home at the market.

Business hours start at noon and last until 8 or 9 in the evening.

Services & Facilities

  • Parking lot
  • Dining

Related Info

Opening Time: The venue opens near noon every day, until about 20:00-21:00. It is closed every first Tuesday in a month for cleaning.


Address:No.39, Chaolong Rd., Donggang Township, Pingtung County 928, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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