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The PenBay National Leisure Zone

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Other than Pengbay International Karting and Orient Resort Penbay, all facilities are closed from July 16 onwards.

Since 1930, military songs in different languages have been broadcasted from here. Now this special area plays all kinds of fast-paced techno music.

The Peng Bay International Leisure Zone offers land, sea and air entertainments at once. It was adapted from a military base established by Japanese general Yamamoto Isoroku in 1930 for southward invasions. As a result, the zone has been known for old army legends. Today, ecological landscape and a wide range of modern facilities make the zone a one-and-only vacation hotspot.

Peng Bay Motorsports Land

This is Taiwan’s only legally established G2 international racing ground, meaning that except F1 racing, all kinds of international competitions for RVs and motorcycles can be held here. The motorsports land is FIA certified, and the exciting Taiwan Speed Festival is held here. Celebrities come to this place often, too. Because car racing is extreme sports, only certified players are allowed to join the games. Members of the public may take lessons and acquire the needed certificates and membership to take part. Or try Taxi Drive for an experience of speed.

Dapeng Bay Karting Rink

Karting is the foundation of all formula racing. Most players practice go-karts first. The Peng Bay International Leisure Zone’s 1.2-km karting rink is certified by the Chinese Taipei Motor Sports Association and all the cars were imported from Italy, costing more than NT$200,000 each. Therefore, visitors can expect to enjoy a real racing experience. Be sure to take a required lesson first, as this is a professional karting rink.

Oriental Resort Pengbay

Oriental Resort Pengbay is full of South Asian holiday charm. Other than a Bali-style lobby, there is a high-ceilinged buffet restaurant decorated with scented cypress wood. What can be more romantic than dining in a historic house of the Japanese colonial times? The guests may choose to stay in the racing-themed rooms in Building 1 or the garden rooms in Building 2 - there are 110 rooms to choose from!

Waterfront Leisure Zone

Be sure to try windsurfing if you visit the bay in the summer. If you are not that adventurous, hop on a swan boat to enjoy some laid-back hours on our extensive waters. Or join a one-and-only mangrove-forest canoeing tour. If you just want to relax, why not take our classic rainbow ship and let our guides take you to explore the area. Go to the bay’s bicycle center so that we help you learn about our round-the-bay trail, which is one of Taiwan’s top 10 cycling paths. If you fancy some futuristic experience, try the two-wheeled Segway which according to Steve Jobs will reinvent mankind’s transport style. Or take a mini train to explore this mysterious land. The zone’s nature and old military sites are also worth being explored. The spacious place awaits visitors. Come here and take some beautiful travel memory home!

Services & Facilities

  • Parking lot
  • Dining

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Address:No.53, Dapeng Road, Donggang Township, Pingdong county

Opening Time: Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00, Saturday and Holidays 8:30-17:00

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Number of Visitors:10,591 Last Update: 2019-10-03
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